▶️ 7 Grundig TV Technologies Leveraging Platform Content

▶️ 7 Grundig TV Technologies Leveraging Platform Content
7 Grundig TV technologies that take advantage of the content of the platforms

Every time we consume more streaming content on our TV, that’s why these 7 Grundig TV technologies that take advantage of content from online platforms will improve your experience watching your favorite movies and series.

And the figures speak for themselves, we consume more and more content from this type of application, and not precisely from the computer. Let’s go with an example: according to the consultancy firm Bain & Co, 25% of audiovisual consumption comes from platforms such as YouTube or Netflix that, increasingly, we see from our Smart TV and not only through the screens of our mobile devices.

For this reason, to have an integrated experience, in which to be able to see the content with a better quality, with the possibility of also connecting it to the smartphone, and with a sound that reminds us of that of the movie theaters, the home appliance brand has integrated these technologies into some of its televisions. Let’s see them one by one!

7 Grundig TV technologies that take advantage of the content of the platforms

This system facilitates access to applications and online content platforms, such as Netfilx, Amazon, Filmin… but from the television. The objective is that you watch your favorite series or movies on TV, with a better connection and quality.

The brand’s televisions come with the Hey Google assistant that allows you to control the television also through voice. For when you can’t find the controller!

It is a system, integrated into some of Grundig’s televisions, that allows content to be shared directly from your mobile phone to the television.

Grundig 55 VLO 9895 BP

With UHD technology+, the resolution of the images is four times higher than with Full HD. If you miss any detail, it is because you want…

More realistic colors, more detail in the image, a good contrast of brightness and light and more intense colors will make the experience close to being in the cinema thanks to the High Dynamic Range (HDR).

  • Dolby Original Magic Fidelity Audio System

Magic Fidelity Dolby Original is a system developed by the company itself that aims to improve the sensation of surround sound. In addition, its front speakers make the sound quality even with low volume. For those late-night movie sessions while the kids or the neighbors sleep!

Grundig GFU8960B1

Lastly, of the 7 Grundig television technologies that take advantage of platform content, this one emerged from the union with ELAC, a brand specializing in high-definition sound, which has put its technology at the service of Grundig so that the sound quality of your televisions is also like being in the cinema. This and other technologies mentioned above are found in the brand’s Vision 8.

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