Shein is an online store that is becoming more and more fashionable. But it is possible that you are still from the resistance that has never bought in the Asian giant. If you’re considering it, you’re Shein questions and answers They will try to solve all the doubts that may arise.

  • Where can I download Shein?: You can find the online store app in the Play Store or the Apple App Store. Downloading the application is completely free, so you only have to spend money when you are going to make a purchase.
  • Does Shein have a web version?: Yes. If instead of making your purchases from your mobile you prefer to make them from your PC, you will simply have to access its official website. You will be able to do everything that you can also do in the app, but usually the mobile version is more comfortable.
  • Do I need to register to buy?: If you don’t have a Shein account you can see their catalog and choose the clothes you want to buy. But at the time you go to make the purchase you will have to be registered, so at some point you will have to create an account.
  • Does it cost money to have a Shein account?: No. Registration on Shein is completely free. You will only have to pay for the purchases you make.
  • What can I buy on Shein?: Shein is mainly a fashion store, but you can also find technology, stationery or pet items.
  • Does Shein only have women’s clothing?: No. At Shein you can also find clothing for men, children, babies or even for your pet.
  • Is there plus size fashion at Shein?: Yes. The variety of sizes and the large sizes section are two of the strong points that we find in this store.
  • Does the Shein catalog change a lot? Yes. New garments are constantly being added, so we recommend you log in from time to time to always be up to date.
  • How long does it take for an order from Shein to arrive? Although it depends a lot on the specific item, it is normal for a Shein order to arrive between 10 and 15 days from when we make it.
  • Do I have to pay shipping costs?: Shipping costs are free for orders over 29 euros. But if it is your first order or at specific times of offers, we can make a free order for an amount less than that, although it is not normal.
  • Do I have to pay customs?: Orders below a certain price are exempt from paying customs. Therefore, the usual thing is that in the orders that we make in Shein they do not have to pay anything for customs nor will you have the risk of being retained.
  • Can I receive my package at a collection point? Yes. Although normally the most convenient thing is to ask for your orders to be delivered to your home, you can choose a collection point where you can pick up your orders. If you have to pay shipping costs, this option is cheaper.
  • Can returns be made at Shein?: Yes. You can return any item you have purchased within 45 days of your purchase.
  • Are returns on Shein free?: The first return label of each order is free. If you are going to return a product more times you will have to pay for it.
  • If I am going to return a package, do they pick it up at my house?: No. In the event that you have decided to return any of the products that you have ordered, you will have to take them to the Post Office. If you later decide to make another purchase, they will take the second package home.
  • What happens if I don’t receive a package from Shein?: If you have a problem receiving your package from Shein, you have the option to open a dispute to obtain a refund. Normally the online store responds well and you will not have problems.
  • Does Shein have physical stores?: No. Shein only sells online, although from time to time it organizes a showroom in a city, as happened recently in Madrid.
  • How do I choose my size?: In each article you will find the measurements that correspond to the sizes you are going to choose. Therefore, if you have doubts about the size, you only need to measure yourself with a tape measure.
  • How do I make sure that the dress is the same as the one in the photo?: In the comments section, many real users put photos of their clothes, so you can see the real result.
  • What do I gain if I post a comment?: By rating and leaving comments, you can earn points that you can later exchange for coupons and discounts.