▶ Differences and price between the Amazfit Band 7 and the Xiaomi Smart Band 7

▶ Differences and price between the Amazfit Band 7 and the Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Smart bracelets have become another element of our wardrobe. But the market is so wide and the features are so similar to others that sometimes it is difficult to choose which is the best model for us. For this reason, on many occasions a comparative analysis can help us find the model that best suits us. This time we are going to analyze the differences and price between the Amazfit Band 7 and the Xiaomi Smart Band 7. These are two bracelets that we can almost consider sisters but that have some different nuances that will make you end up opting for one or the other.


The screen of the Amazfit Band 7 has a size of 1.47″, while the screen of the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is 1.66″. However, the square size of the former makes it feel slightly larger, giving it an almost a small smart watch. Instead, the Xiaomi model maintains the characteristic rounded elongated model of its bracelets.

As for the resolution, Amazfit’s is 282dpi, while Xiaomi’s comes out ahead in that aspect with a resolution of 326dpi.



Both bracelets have an accelerometer and heart rate sensor, so that we can measure our physical activity in an almost professional way. However, the Amazfit wins in this regard by having a blood oxygen saturation sensor (spO2), and it also records breathing during sleep. But in the end, both bracelets have Xiaomi technology, so the results are very similar. To access all the information, both wristbands use the Zepp app.

The Amazfit bracelet has a microphone and can connect with Alexa by mobile phone, a point that also has in its favor.


The duration of the drums It is one of the aspects that matter most to us when buying a smart bracelet. It is not practical to have to be charging every two times three.

As for its capacity, it seems that the Amazfit one comes out ahead with 232 mAh compared to the 180mAh of the Xiaomi one. However, at the moment of truth, the difference is not so great, since the first one offers a duration of about 18 days that in intensive use they stay at 12. The developers of the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 assure that their bracelet can last up to 14 days.


Other features

When it comes to playing sports, both have modes of 120 different activities, so it is almost certain that you will find your favorite sport among them. They also have stress monitoring and monitoring of female health so that we have everything under control.

The Xiaomi model can also be used to use it remotely as a music control or as a shutter for our mobile camera, something that can be very practical. Both bracelets have a 5 ATM water resistanceso we can submerge them to 50 meters.


The Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 7 has already gone on sale and you can find it on Amazon for €54.90, although the price rises a bit in other stores such as MediaMarkt or The Phone House. The Amazfit Band 7 bracelet initially seems to be a little cheaper, since the starting price is $49.90. However, it has just been presented and we still have no news about whether it will go on sale in Spain. And in the event that it is launched, we will see what is the final price at which we can acquire it.

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