▶ Glovo fined more than 2 million euros in Spain (and could be much more)

▶ Glovo fined more than 2 million euros in Spain (and could be much more)

Glovo It has become one of the most popular apps to order food at home. But not everything is good news for the delivery company.

And it is that recently it has been fined with more than 2 million euros after a labor inspection in which it has been determined that its riders were hired as false self-employed. And it is possible that the thing does not stop there and the final fine is much higher.

In fact, there is talk of the possibility that the fine against the company could reach more than 100 million euroswhich would undoubtedly be a huge problem for them.


351 false self-employed

What has motivated this million-dollar fine is a labor inspection that has taken place in the provinces of Girona, Tarragona and Lleida. Only in those three places have a total of 351 workers been found who were working as self-employed when they should be working as wage earners. This has meant that they have to pay their contributions plus an extra fine.

Thus, according to the information that has been known so far, only 451,000 euros correspond to the Social Security contributions that the company should have made instead of having its riders work as freelancers. But later a fine was added for repeated violation of the law, which has made the final figure of the sanction much higher. In total, Glovo will have to pay a sum of more than 2 million euros. There have been cases of fines for detection of false self-employment before, but there had never been any of such large dimensions as the one imposed against the delivery company.

just the beginning

What is most striking about this sanction is that it corresponds only to riders from three provinces Spanish. But if sanctions begin to be added to other areas of our country, the total sum of the fine that Glovo will have to pay can be truly dizzying. Without leaving Catalonia, only in Barcelona it is estimated that there could be more than 8,600 delivery men, which would make the sum grow enormously.

But it is that in all of Spain we can find more than 16,000 riders who are not registered as they should be by law, but rather work as false self-employed. In the event that the company is sanctioned for all the workers who are currently in fraud of the law, the sum of the fine could exceed €100 million. And taking into account that the riders have already been proven right on one occasion, everything indicates that sanctions will be followed in other provinces. Therefore, it seems that there is little chance that the company will be able to survive the toughest labor inspection that has occurred in our country.


Glovo skips the «rider law»

The reason why Glovo has received this harsh sanction is that it has skipped what is known as rider lawwhich was approved last August 2021. According to this rule, delivery men cannot work as self-employed, but must be hired by the company.

Other companies in the sector, as is the case of Just Eat or Uber Eats, they adapted their business model to the new law, and they no longer have their delivery men as false self-employed. But Glovo continued with his own work method, which has meant that he receives numerous complaints about it. And now he has had to receive a millionaire sanction that has undoubtedly been a severe blow to the company.

The labor rights of riders they have been studied for a long time, and now it seems that their needs are beginning to be taken into account.

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