▶ Soon you will see advertising on the lock screen of your mobile

▶ Soon you will see advertising on the lock screen of your mobile

Can you imagine that every time you blocked your mobile, ads would appear on the screen? lock screen? Well, this, which a priori may seem like a dystopia in which there are fewer and fewer spaces without advertising, is not that far away. There is already a company that has launched a system so that the Android lock screen can become an advertising medium very soon.

It is a system that at the moment It doesn’t look like it’s going to arrive in Spain nor to Western markets in general, but it is already created and implemented. Therefore, let’s not rule out that sooner rather than later we will see advertising every time we pick up the phone.

Glance, the company that created the system

The company that has implemented the possibility of inserting advertising on the lock screen of our smartphone is Glance, a startup dependent on ad-tech giant InMobi Group. The system that he has presented would allow us to place different things on the locked screen of our smartphones, from advertisements to news and even games. But it seems that at the moment the ads are what has the best chance of becoming a reality. In fact, different information ensures that it is already in talks with Google so that the ads on our screen arrive very soon.

Although for many users it may seem quite annoying, from Glance they sell it as the possibility of having content tailored to our interests without even having to unlock the mobile. Everything will depend on how it is implemented when its arrival is definitive.


In the United States in two months?

The controversy jumped on July 5 when the media outlet Techcrunch announced that Glance could launch its lockscreen advertising service in the United States in just two months. Since it is a medium that usually has a lot of credibility, many users have feared that they were facing the last days in which they could enjoy their phone without advertising. However, in an interview with his vice president Rohan Choduhary for CNET these words have been nuanced. Yes, they are considering the arrival of the company to the North American giant in the coming weeks, but for now without including announcements.

What we will be able to have in the short term will be the possibility of creating on our lock screen spaces related to our interests. Thus, for example, we could have a sports space in which to see the results in real time of the matches that interest us or see the latest headlines. The idea is to have information that interests us at hand, not necessarily ads.


Will the ads reach Spain?

At the moment we do not have too many news about what they are Glance’s plans for Spain. If it is expected to arrive in the United States in two months, the logical process is that little by little it will spread to other countries until it ends up arriving some time later.

But if in the United States they have no intention of launching ads at least for the moment, everything indicates that in the rest of the western world it will not bring with it publicity either. And much less to be mandatory. In other words, users who want to use Glance may come across an ad sporadically at some point, but it is most likely that having that option on our lock screen is something that we can activate and deactivate to our liking. Therefore, we should not worry if we want to keep our smartphone free from advertising. A priori it does not seem that it will be impossible, at least not in these parts.

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