10 Movistar + series to do a marathon this summer

10 Movistar + series to do a marathon this summer
10 Movistar + series to do a marathon this summer

Movistar + is one of the content platforms in streaming favorites, also for those inveterate seriophiles. If the summer passes without much glory, why not take a turn and go for a series marathon? These 10 that we propose are sure to catch your attention. This is our recommendation of essential Movistar + series this summer.

10 Movistar + series that you cannot miss this summer

Our selection tries to satisfy all tastes, so start pointing out which one you are going to start with and which one will be next.

Better Call Saul

Do you remember Breaking Bad? Well your spin off it will not leave you indifferent. With continuous nods to the parent series, it has a perfect plot to be entertained this summer. Thanks to your excellent script and a magnificent staging, You’re going to love Better Call Saul if you enjoyed Breaking bad. Without a doubt, one of the clearest choices to start your series marathon.


The second season of this series set in finance appears very interesting. A thriller with all the elements to keep you glued to the seat. In fact. your plot It is one of the most advanced that has ever been elaborated by a team of writers. With all the dyes to become a top-notch series, Devils is not going to leave you indifferent.


What can happen if we put the famous John Simms together with a convoluted police plot? Well, we have Grace, the aadaptation of a series of novels by Peter James that was so successful. It is not for less, because the unorthodox methods of this police officer lead us to a series of hectic investigations. With all the tints to keep you devouring chapter after chapter, Grace deserves a spot in your summer time.

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Science fiction lovers have an unavoidable date with this series. It features details from the alien stories that were all the rage in the 1960s, and features starring performances by Chiwetel Ejiofor, playing the role of an alien, and Naomie Harris, who takes on the role of a scientist. If you like stories whose mission is to save the world, this series should be your choice. We found it lovely.

Find a life in Brooklyn

A series to have a great time, since it is an author comedy starring Kevin Iso and Dan Perlman, who are also its creators. A project that starts from their own experience to create hilarious situations. This series is the fruit of the best American comedy and we are convinced that it will entertain you as well as entertain you.

The cleaner

BBC adaptation of a German series. In it, a crime scene cleaner He is the protagonist of various stories, because due to his extroverted character he is more dedicated to snooping than to eliminating the blood of crimes. Funny situations that will make you smile a lot. Very entertaining.

Trigger Point: out of control

Set in London, the protagonist commands a bomb disposal team. After going through a traumatic experience, everything seems to get more uphill. Police thriller of those that lead you to splice one chapter after another. The performance of Vicky McClure it is simply spectacular.


One of the reasons to watch Riverdale is that its staging and photography is impressive. But, also, because she tells a series of exciting personal stories. Mostly shot in Canada. It deserves that you start seeing it, because it will surely catch you this summer. Good proof of this is that she is already in her sixth season.


One of the series that has most penetrated the hearts of fans of quality productions. Outlander is, in its own right, a cult series. Set in Scotland, It has excellent photography., but also, its plot is exciting, managing to combine all the elements that a series 10 must have. This summer you have no excuses, Outlander is going to catch you. A time travel of more than 2 centuries that you will not want to get off.

Harry Palmer: The Ipcress File

A young British Army soldier is arrested for small-time illegal activities, but can redeem his time in prison by working as a spy. Set in the 60’sis one of those series that you always want to see, also because it has a very well-constructed story.

You already have an interesting proposal to make a good series marathon this summer on Movistar +. They are going to provide you with many hours of entertainment and so you can immerse yourself in the worlds that their creators have created for you.

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