10 Science Twitter Accounts Worth Following

10 Science Twitter Accounts Worth Following
10 Science Twitter Accounts Worth Following

If you like science and want to learn more about it, know what the news is that happens in this regard and follow this world more closely, you are in the right place, since now we list 10 of the most interesting science accounts you can find on Twitter right now.

The following Twitter accounts on science that we list below are not only the most interesting, but also the ones with the most followers. All of them usually publish content (tweets) that include images, videos and links to web articles that have no waste. Let’s start!

Teach me about Science (@EnsedeCiencia)

Ens+eñame de Ciencia Twitter accounts

With more than half a million followers, @EnsedeCiencia is one of the largest Spanish-language science accounts on Twitter. In this you will have access to several articles a day on interesting and educational topics, both for curious children of learning age and for adults seeking to expand their knowledge. In addition, this account, belonging to the blog teach me sciencepublishes links to said website, where you will find broader scientific content on medicine and health, technology, nature, astronomy, geology, diseases, the environment and the world in general.

Xataka Science (@xatakascience)

Xataka Science

Xataka Ciencia is one of the Xataka divisions that is responsible for publishing all kinds of scientific content, as long as it is interesting and relevant. More in depth, it is a website dedicated to scientific dissemination in all its splendor that, of course, uses a Twitter account to summarize its content through tweets and threads, those in which you can find all kinds of photos, images, videos and articles on different advances and scientific discoveries.

VERY Interesting (@veryinteresting)

very interesting twitter

Muy Interesante is a website about science and topics such as history, technology, health, innovation and psychology that constantly publishes the links of its articles on its Twitter account, which is identified under the username of @very interesting and possesses, at the time of publication of this article, more than 8 million 300 thousand followers.

microBIO (@microBIOblog)


If you want to keep up to date with the most important news from the scientific world, microBIO is the Twitter account you should follow, although this is intended, more than anything else, for topics related to viruses, bacteria, diseases and epidemics. That is why news such as COVID-19 and Monkeypox are tweeted by this account, but with a scientific basis and explanations that cannot be missed. It also uploads graphs and images that reflect the scope of these viruses, as well as different health statistics in general from countries such as Spain and the world.

Astrophysics and Physics (@AstroyFisica)

astrophysics and physics

This Twitter account about science is mainly about topics related to astrophysics and physics, as its name indicates. However, it also touches on other scientific areas such as astronomy, at the same time that it is not limited only to these fields, since it also usually publishes content about science in general, but less frequently, yes.

Learn all about lunar and solar eclipses, as well as details about the summer and winter solstices, and check out articles, photos and videos about the Moon, galaxies, black holes, stars and everything in between to do with the Universe in question.

Notebook of Scientific Culture (@CCCientifica)

Scientific Culture Notebook

Do you want to know historical data about the most influential people and scientists in the world? Well, Scientific Culture Notebook is the Twitter account you should follow for it. In this you can learn more about scientists like Edwin Hubble, Albert Einstein, Alexander Friedmann and Maurices Hilleman, among many other icons of the scientific world.

NASA in Spanish (@NASA_es)

NASA in Spanish

If space seems interesting to you and you don’t want to miss any news about everything that happens in the Universe, the NASA account in Spanish (@NASA) is one that you should follow yes or yes. In this you will not only find information related to agency aerospace developmentsbut also publications on discoveries on other planets, rockets and aeronautical technology, scientific curiosities, news about the environment and articles, videos and unpublished images of planetary bodies, galaxies and different space phenomena.

Women With Science (@womanconscience)

women with science

Women have played an important role in science since its inception, with not inconsiderable contributions and discoveries such as those of Marie Curie and Hélène Metzger, two important scientists of their respective times. It is because of that Women With Science He remembers them through his tweets, with little-known but interesting facts about their lives and the work they carried out at the time.

Physics and Chemistry Geniuses (@GeniosFisica)

geniuses of physics and chemistry

If you like them scientific experimentsGeniuses of Physics and Chemistry (@GeniosFisica) is an account you should follow on Twitter. Here you can watch fun and educational videos of scientists applying and testing the laws of physics.

Javier Santaolalla (@JaSantaolalla)

javier santaolalla scientist

Javier Santaolalla is a renowned Spanish scientist and youtuber that explains science in a very practical and simple way. On his Twitter account, he shares the latest news and achievements in the scientific world, as well as various materials (links, videos, images and more) that help to better understand science.

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