10 web pages that you should know and that will save you time and money

10 web pages that you should know and that will save you time and money

Surely your computer travels with you everywhere. Especially if you work with him. Well, if you find yourself in the position of solving a problem and you don’t have your computer with your programs at hand, perhaps one of these web pages that you didn’t know will help you to do so. And we present to you 10 web pages that you should know and that will save you time and money when carrying out actions that are typically done with expensive programs. Well, it’s over: everything is on the Internet. Take a look at this listing.

Please note that some of the pages we list are in English. However, you will see that its operation is really simple to carry out the proposed task. In general, you will not need to register in any of them. In addition, they are web pages that offer these services in a free. All of them have paid services with more features and additions, but if you need this resource to save a momentary situation, you won’t need anything else.

Photopea: Photoshop free and online

You need Photoshop but you don’t have Photoshop? Well don’t worry because that’s what Photopea is for. A web version of the Adobe program that surprises for being a trustworthy copy in terms of experience and tools and, best of all: it’s completely free.


You can upload your images to the web and edit them as if you were in front of the Photoshop interface. Cut, clone, paint, draw, write, resize… Practically the same options. Even when exporting and downloading the result. It is, without a doubt, the gold tool for those who need a photo editor and have knowledge of Photoshop. Also, you will be able to use many of Photoshop’s own commands and tricks in this Photopea. And it is that it is a clone of the most faithful.

Remove photo background: removebg

If you need to remove the background from an image and you don’t have Photoshop to do it with a swipe of a wand, you can always use Photopea. And if you have no idea about photo editing you can always take advantage of the removegb website that does everything automatically and in a very good way.


You just have to go to the web and upload the photo file. With this you will see it on the screen and you will be able to select that background you want to remove. The rest is done automatically by the web. And it does so in a reliable and useful way, respecting details such as loose hairs and contours. So it will solve most situations without you having to worry. Then download the result and voila.

The best text translator on the Internet: DeepL

Obviously you already know about the existence of Google Translate. He is the most famous translator on the Internet… and for several reasons. He not only helps you translate words and phrases, but also has phonetics to know how to pronounce it. However, he is not the best translator when it comes to translating long texts or doing it naturally. With a language that is not noticeable processed by a robot.


In this case you are interested in using the DeepL website. He is a translator who takes advantage deep learning technologies to understand what you are translating and not change word for word. The result is a more organic and understandable text. Without seeming so robotic. It may not be 100% perfect, but you will see that it is more effective than Google Translate.

How to remove the background from a video clip: unscreen.com

I have told you that there are tools to retouch images and even some dedicated exclusively to removing the background of a photo. As well, there are also to remove the background of a video. Yes, yes, from a video. And it’s also fully automatic (as well as amazing).


With this utility you can create new custom memes or GIFs. Or simply decontextualize an image in video. Something much more complete than in the photo. You just have to go to the unscreen website and upload the video clip you want to retouch. Then choose which background you want to erase and let unscreen.com do its magic. Not all results will be perfect, but their Artificial Intelligence usually does a very good job. Try doing this with different video clips to see the results. It is always better if the subject is clearly differentiated from the background so that the software can identify shapes and colors and separate them without problems.

Create a profile picture: profile pic maker

If you are working on your image on social networks or simply want to unify them all, the best thing you can do is create the same profile image for all of them. It is the simplest formula to be recognized and found. Ideal for freelancers. Well, if you ever find yourself facing a design challenge that you can’t overcome, you can save a few euros by using the Profile Pic Maker website.


Here you will only have to upload the image you want to edit. When uploading the photo, the website is responsible for generating all kinds of designs automatically. Thus, by waiting a few seconds, you will be able to see different alternatives proposed with different background colors. Or even effects of various kinds on the image. The variety is overwhelming: colors, patterns, shapes… When you see the image you want, click on the arrow and download it to hang it later as a profile picture wherever you want. Or download the same one with different colors depending on the app where you are going to use it.

Create animated slides: Prezi

Slide creation has been years in the making to keep people from falling asleep while taking a lecture or presentation. That’s why there are tools like Prezi, which plays with dynamism and animation but with a super simple user experience so you can do everything you can think of in it.

This website has a free version where you can create a slideshow as you like. Simple, passing from one image to another. Or animating with movement from one part to another of a virtual map where to browse the contents. It supports photos and can embed YouTube videos. And if creativity is not your thing you can always use the pre-designed presentations that others have shared. It will not go unnoticed.


The free option will only allow you to create and share one presentation. But you can always delete it and change it to a new one if you need to use this resource again. Or use multiple accounts to avoid paying for different templates. The rest of the options and additions go through payment plans.

Split, merge or transform PDF files: ilovePDF.com

Those who work with PDF documents are well aware of the dramas involved in dealing with a complete one. Or separate it. Or transform it into images to create other documents with them. It is never easy and always plans the shadow of buying Adobe Acrobat to be able to work freely and do what we want with them. Well, here’s the free solution: ilovePDF.com.


It is a web page with different useful tools for working with PDF documents. you can do almost anything: merge multiple documents into one. Split one into several. Transform the pages of a PDF document into images. Or even sign any of its pages with your own signature so you don’t have to use a scanner. The solution to all your problems with a PDF file goes through this website.

Temporary mail: mail-temp.org

Register on a web page that you will never use again simply to use a tool, access a discount coupon or perform a single transaction. And then pay forever for this act receiving spam. It’s normal, right? Well no. You can easily avoid this with the following website.


It is called Mail-temp.org and it consists of a temporary email account. That is, an account that is created and active for you for a limited time. So you can use it to register on these web pages that I was talking about before without having to give your personal or professional account. Thus avoiding spam and other problems. Go to the web, copy the email address and paste it on the web where you are going to register. You will see that an inbox appears on the mail-temp.org website with what you receive for this mail. From access codes, to advertising or the discount coupon you were looking for. When you finish the process, you simply leave the web and leave that email to another person. As simple as that.

Of course, this service is not always used to register and create, for example, fake Tinder accounts or social networks. But it is useful for many other services.

Free photos and videos: pexels

Before I have told you about how to make slides in a simple, fast and animated way. Of course, knowing the platform and as long as you have the content. As well, if you need photos or even curious, beautiful, worked videos and that are not copyrighted, there is a website for you. And no, it won’t cost you a penny.


It’s called Pexels and it’s a repository or bank of images without a license so you can use it in your work and content. Keep in mind that there are both photos and videos. So you can take advantage of all these resources easily and without spending a single euro. Use your search engine to find content related to those terms and that’s it. Easier impossible.

The Internet Archive: Archive.org

When it is said that everything is on the Internet, it is because of things like these. Do you need to review digitized historical documents? Maybe check out some classic TV show? Maybe play a digital game that has already given up its rights…? Well you have everything on the internet. But not in a diverse or diffuse way on different web pages. It’s on the Alexandria of the Internet, the Archive.org page.


It is an Internet archive with millions of cultural contents compiled and documented. You will be able to search and review all kinds of content that have circulated on the Internet at some point or that are part of the history of humanity. A step further when Wikipedia does not answer all your questions or you need to access more specific content.

The only problem is that, on this website, English is the predominant language. So you must have some knowledge to be able to move in it without problems. Even so, its search engine is useful, simple and accessible.

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