5 summer challenges to do on TikTok

5 summer challenges to do on TikTok
5 summer challenges to do on TikTok

The students are now reaching the harshest period of the summer, in which the initial let-down due to the holidays has passed and now there are two months of heat – and boredom on many occasions – ahead of them. Fortunately, social networks are specialists in offering formats to combat boredom, and in this TikTok is the absolute queen of applications. discover these 5 summer challenges to do on TikTok and surprise all your friends.

Slippery Shots Challenge

The slippery shot challenge on TikTok it is one of the most feasible to do in a pool or open space with your friends. You only need a rectangular surface that can be slippery, a ball and the mobile to record the video. Compete with your friends to see who can best kick the ball after sliding down that surface.

TikTok Summer Prom Challenge

This social network already has enough history to have left several memories in the memory of its users. This challenge proposed by Alana Fischer can be adapted to the Spanish ecosystem, selecting six topics that have been very popular in Spain (such as the fever that Jerusalema caused) and see how many choreographies end up remembering your contacts.

30 day wellness challenge

Tiktok challenges don’t always have to be banal dynamics that lead nowhere. Some tiktokers, like Selu García, propose a challenge that consists of taking advantage of the summer to adopt good lifestyle habits. The heat makes it a bit more complicated, but you can be much more productive and disciplined at this time of year and that can be a radical change for many people if they manage to meet these five challenges for 30 days: wake up an hour earlier, go to the gym or play sports five times a week, reduce the level of complaints, eliminate junk food from the diet and meditate 15 minutes every day.

volley challenge

The beach is an ideal setting to pose new TikTok challenges, and the volley challenge is one of the most spectacular. The vast majority of the beaches in Spain have a high wall that separates the beach from the promenade, so you can take the opportunity to record a video trying to volley a ball. If there is a goal nearby, the better, but the spectacular nature of the movement can already give you a video that attracts many ‘likes’. Of course, you have to do it with caution and at a time when the beach is clear

The float challenge

The ‘Float challenge’ or float challenge It is another dynamic with which you and your friends can spend the afternoon in the pool. You just need to have a large float so that you can jump into the water while trying to get into the air on the float. Rate your friends to see which one has achieved it in a more effective or artistic way.

do you know any other challenge that is succeeding on TikTok? Do you have an idea that could go viral like the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014? Share it in the comments with the rest of the readers.

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