5 useful tips when using Zoom video conferences

5 useful tips when using Zoom video conferences
Zoom video conferences

In the middle of 2022, it is not necessary to be present in a place to make a work meeting, an important call or see yourself face to face with several friends at the same time. For this reason, today we will tell you 5 useful tips when using Zoom video conferences. So if you wanted to get the most out of this tool, you’ve come to the right place.

Zoom is a platform that unifies cloud video conferencing, a cloud phone system with messaging, and simple online meetings. It’s a software-defined conference room solution on an easy-to-use platform. Nevertheless, most users have no idea how to get the most out of Zoom when making a video conference.

5 Useful Tips for Zoom Video Conferencing in 2022

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we bring you 5 useful tips when using Zoom video conferences in 2022. Whether for work or personal reasons, you can be sure that all these tips will help you when making a video call on this platform. Try and draw your own conclusions!

Find a quiet place to do the videoconference

Although it may seem very obvious, one of the most important tips for Zoom video meetings is find a quiet place without distractions. Get a room where there is no noise and where you know that no one will come to distract you in the middle of the video call. If you live with a lot of people in your house, tell them that you will be busy for a while so that no one knocks on your door when you are talking. In addition, also make sure that the room has good lighting so that all the participants can see you without any inconvenience.

Create a virtual waiting room for your attendees

For better or worse, on Zoom attendees can participate in a video call without the host being present. Sometimes this can be good as participants will have a chance to speak for a few minutes before the meeting officially starts.

However, it could also be inconvenient to have multiple participants together in a video conference waiting for the host to arrive to start. Thanks to that, it is a good idea to create a virtual waiting room where attendees can wait until you let them in at the same time or one by one (it all depends on the situation). Go ahead and create a waiting room by following these steps:

zoom waiting room
  1. As the host of the meeting, click where it says Participants.
  2. then do in Plus and choose Enable waiting room to enable or disable the function.

You have realized? The process to create a waiting room is too easy. To admit someone to the video call at once, click Participants and in the waiting room section click Admit next to their name to join the meeting. And if you want to admit all participants in one fell swoop, go to Participants and click Admit All. Easier impossible!

It is also necessary to point out that you can send participants to the waiting room during the meeting, entering the Participants sectionclicking More next to the name and selecting Put in waiting room. This is ideal when someone is bothering you or when you just don’t want them to hear what is going to be said during that precise moment in the Zoom video conference. Try and draw your own conclusions!

Create a video conference with collaborative annotations

When screen sharing in a video conference, the host can show what is on the screen to all participants. By doing this, various annotation tools can be used for each person to draw and highlight what you see fit. This could be of great help in many occasions, especially if you are talking about visual materials such as designs or anything you can imagine.

Do you want to use annotations while viewing a shared screen? then do Click View at the top of the Zoom window and choose Annotate. Doing this will bring up a toolbar with all the options you have for annotating such as text, drawing, arrows and much more.

If you are the presenter, you can use the save button on the toolbar to capture the image with your annotations as a screenshot. In addition, you can also disable attendee annotation completely so that no one can highlight anything.

Record your video conferences

zoom video conferencing

In case you didn’t know, Zoom allows you record your video conferences as videos. This is really useful when you need to share the meeting with people who haven’t been able to join or when you just want to review what was said.

When recording, you have to choose whether to use the local or cloud option. Local refers to the video conference will be stored as a video file locally on your computer or on some storage space you provide. The cloud, meanwhile, is enabled for members who pay the premium version of the platform.

Yes indeed, to record videos you need Zoom on macOS, Windows or Linux. So keep this in mind if recording a videoconference is in your plans, whatever your reasons may be.

Get information about each participant

In Zoom you can collect information about the people who will attend to your video conference before they join. This is a very useful feature if you need attendees to enter their name, age, or job title for the company they work for (for example).

On the other hand, we also invite you to see this post with 11 Zoom tricks for your video conferences. You will love them!

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