6 curious technological ideas to beat the heat

6 curious technological ideas to beat the heat
beat the heat

The heat wave is going to last in Spain and this can cause great inconvenience in people of all ages. For this reason, today we will open your eyes with 6 curious technological ideas to beat the heat. After you see them, you will know what to do in those moments of desperation when cold temperatures make everything more difficult.

A prolonged period of unusually high temperatures and high humidity is called a heat wave. These can have negative consequences on the health of the population such as dermatitis, edema, burns, sunstroke, cramps, heat syncope and others. Because of this, the best thing you can do right now is try to fight them and technology can be your ally to achieve it.

These are the best weird tech ideas to beat the heat

we bring you 6 curious technological ideas to beat the heat once and for all in these moments of low and annoying temperatures. Surely you will be surprised or laugh, but you can be sure that each of these ideas will help you fight the heat that harasses Spain in this stretch of the year 2022:

usb fan

usb fan

In case you didn’t know, these types of fans they stand out for their small size and because they work connected to a USB port. There are also some that use said cable to recharge its battery as if it were a smartphone or a tablet. Without a doubt, it is a great curious technological idea so that you can combat this heat wave. Plus, they’re cheap and durable, so you won’t have to make a big investment to stay cool.

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Evapolar evaLight


Evaporative cooling systems have been around for a long time and represent a decent alternative to conventional air conditioning. Why? Because no installation or piping needed to remove heat.

The Evapolar evaLight, for example, is an effective system that helps you raise the temperature by approximately six degrees. This means that if the temperature in your house is 28 ° C, when using it it will emit an air of around 23 ° C. Although it is not a big change, It’s enough to calm you down and make you stop sweating.

Of course, this device is personal so it has to be relatively close to you for you to feel the air. It is quite silent and using it is very easy because you just have to fill its tank with water and plug it in. As you must be imagining, it is about an effective technological solution to deal with the annoying heat wave.

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Evaporative Cooling Vests

cooling vest

The interesting thing about evaporative cooling is that it is not limited to a desk fan, because this this curious technology can be effectively integrated into clothing. Thanks to the power of water, the Techniche Kewlshirt vest has the ability to keep you cool during the days when the heat wave hits in Spain.

Its operation is simple: you soak the vest in the water and its special fabric acts like a sponge. The inside of the vest is waterproof to keep you dry, but the air passing over the vest causes it to slowly evaporate, cooling both its surface and you inside it.

This product is so effective that the company supplies its cooling vests to several of the best Formula 1 drivers for them to wear when they go racing in hot weather. Beware, it needs a bit of airflow to work effectively, so it won’t be very useful if you’re in a crowded place.

See the vests on the official Techniche page

Cooling Wristbands

cooling wristbands

Don’t like the idea of ​​wearing a cooler vest? Then perhaps the best option for you is these refreshing wristbands. They look like sweatbands, but they are made from the same material as the vest. Soak them in water for two minutes, squeeze out the excess, and tie them to you. These will cool your wrists and therefore the blood that circulates through them creating a kind of internal cooling system.

When they have enough airflow, they are cool enough to help you deal with this heat wave in Spain. These cool down and make it not a hell to walk home in cold temperatures. Water refills last about three hours on the hottest days, but keep in mind that they take forever to dry completely.

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cold tie

cold tie

Although it is hard to believe, there is a cool tie that can help you on these hot days. This quirky tech idea comes in a variety of colors and is held together with magnets at one end. The tie has a reusable ice pack that you simply it is submerged in water and then put in the freezer. Slip the frozen strip into your pocket and put on your tie to start chilling your neck. Without a doubt, it is a very practical solution to combat the heat wave with the help of technology.

You might look a little weird with that weird tie around your neck, but rest assured that you will have less heat than anyone during these days of low temperatures.

Go to the official website of the cold tie

jacket with fan

jacket with fan

It may seem paradoxical to you, but this jacket has what it takes to help you beat the heat. Why? because he has a internal cooling system that will keep you cool wherever you are.

It is a jacket that looks normal from the front, but on the back it occupies two zippered fans in the lower part of the back. These blow a constant stream of air into and around the garment to keep you cool at all times. The jacket with a fan is powered by an electric battery that lasts for years, so it will help you combat this and any other heat that reaches Spanish territory.

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On the other hand, we invite you to see this article with the best 20 images about the heat wave. Because it is better to laugh than to be bitter with these low temperatures!

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