7 movies with erotic content that you can watch on Netflix

7 movies with erotic content that you can watch on Netflix
7 movies with erotic content that you can watch on Netflix

With summer, we may want to add a little more spice to our movie sessions in the living room. Although streaming platforms do not usually do much promotion of this type of feature film, in their catalogs we can always find works that attract the attention of the most daring. Discover these 7 movies with erotic content that you can watch on Netflix and raise the temperature of your sofa and movie sessions. Comedy, drama, psychological and horror thrillers… With eroticism in the background, there are alternatives for all tastes.

This teen comedy is already 18 years old and continues to be fondly remembered by many millennials. The story of young Matthew, who falls in love with Elisha Cuthbert’s temptress next-door neighbor, became one of the most important erotic comedies of the first decade of the 21st century.

Its erotic content does not go much beyond the sexual tension that Cuthbert’s character arouses.but with the teenagers of that time it worked and still has enough viewings on Netflix.

The romance of Elisa and Marcela, two Galician teachersat the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, bears the unmistakable signature of Isabel Coixet, so the image and photography are very careful in this film, which received several nominations in Spanish award ceremonies such as the Forqué or the Gaudí.

Natalia de Molina and Greta Fernández are the two protagonists of a film that lasts more than two hours in which the difficulties of the time for a homosexual relationship are also portrayed. His eroticism is also one of the calling cards of a risky film that the audience has liked quite a bit.

From India comes this mix between drama and comedy with the stamp of four of the most outstanding directors of the Asian country. Love, sex and relationships are not always easy in Indian society, and through four stories it shows how its protagonists live them.

This film, focused on the female perspective of love and eroticismmay not have the erotic voltage that many would like, but it is a very interesting window to other realities very different from those experienced in the West, although with the common background that moves feelings: love.

With a premise as current as it is common, a couple who meet through a dating app, Newness begins, an independent American film that has not caught on so much with film critics as it has with Netflix subscribers. The first days of meeting, driven by passion and lust, seem to guide the relationship from strength to strength, but everything changes when monotony begins to settle.

With Nicholas Hoult and the Spanish Laia Costa as the leading couple, the unexpected paths that the relationship is taking capture the viewer’s attention. The photography of the film is also quite remarkable, although it is not one of the titles that have taken center stage at festivals and award ceremonies.

From Australia comes The Berlin Syndromeother story with a passionate romance that ends up taking a 180 degree turn. In this case, the story told by director Cate Shortland quickly abandons eroticism to end up becoming an almost two-hour thriller that hardly gives us a break.

If as a viewer you are looking for a light film with touches of erotic content without major pretensions, The Berlin Syndrome may not be the best choice. Yes indeed, this movie deserves a look by itselfas reflected in its eight nominations for the Australian Film Awards and its presence at the emblematic Sundance Festival in 2017.

The world of amateur porn has captured many girls young people looking to become little internet celebrities while earning extra income. This documentary shows what that journey is like while following the adventures of one of those girls who try to become the next «next door neighbor», and not a few critics argue that this work should be seen in high schools to awaken the consciences of the youngest. about the dangers that this sector can contain.

The documentary attracted quite a bit of attention when it premiered in 2015 and offers a new look at the realities that the world of porn contains. The erotic content of this documentary does not seek to satisfy the viewer, but to stir him up in his seat to the point of ending up questioning the benefits of the Internet.

The last recommendation on this list is cam, a film of barely an hour and a half by director Daniel Goldhaber. With the excuse of cam girl phenomenon who work on adult websites exposing themselves to a webcam, ends up articulating a twisted psychological thriller that has drawn many comparisons with the series Black Mirror, another of Netflix’s great treasures.

Madeline Brewer plays the model Alice, who one day discovers that when she enters the platform where she works as a cam girl, she has been replaced by a replica of herself. Without too much budget, the idea of ​​the film and the way to solve it are quite striking, leading the horror thrillers at a higher levelincluding a critique of the current system and society.

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