AMD made a mistake canceling the K12 chip, according to Jim Keller

AMD made a mistake canceling the K12 chip, according to Jim Keller

Surely you are wondering who Jim Keller is and what relationship he had with the computer giant. Well, this character was a former AMD chip architect, and he is one of the minds behind the Zen 1, Zen 2 and Zen 3 architecture. Architecture that raised the company and made it much more competitive against its eternal rival, Intel.

However, Jim Keller was recently invited to the presentation Future of Computing, organized by the Department of Informatics and Automation of the Indian Institute of Sciences. On that occasion Jim was telling about his previous jobs, within which we found AMD K12 chipset project. An ARM-based processor that was going to be released in 2017.

Jim Keller former AMD architect

In the presentation Former AMD architect pointed out that his K12 ARM CPU project was “stupidly cancelled” without knowing the reason, after he left the company. Jim Keller points out that most managers are afraid of change, but since he is an architect and constantly has to face unknown things, he is not afraid of new challenges, so AMD made a mistake by suspending the project. However, he indicated that the entire time he worked at the company was fun.

And what was AMD’s ARM-based CPU like?

ARM AMD K12 photo 1

The AMD K12 processor I was working on was based on a ARMv8-A. Which was targeting dense, embedded, and semi-custom server market segments. Those that were designed for high-frequency and energy-efficient environments.

Finally, the company AMD has not closed the doors to ARM-based processors. But at least for now we see is that it is not in the company’s plans. While, on the other side, Apple cut its relationship with Intel years ago. It then launched into the world of ARM architecture with the M-series chipsets, which has given it quite a bit of success.

Would you like to see an ARM processor from AMD?

Source: Professional Review

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