An Apple Watch detects a deadly hidden tumor and saves the life of a 67-year-old woman

An Apple Watch detects a deadly hidden tumor and saves the life of a 67-year-old woman

On several occasions we have covered news related to the Apple Watch and its functions that have saved the lives of some people on several occasions, but obviously it is up to you whether or not you believe these stories.

Well, today a new case reported by CBS News in the United States has come to light again, which has as its protagonist a 67-year-old woman named Kim Durkee located in the town of Maine.

As reported by Kim, she began to receive warnings issued by her Apple Watch during the night in May, since, on two occasions, the watch warned her that her heart was experiencing atrial fibrillation.

Initially, the woman thought it was a mistake, so she ignored these two warnings. However, again and for the third time the Apple Watch sent him the same warning. That’s when she Kim said that she was going to go to the emergency room, and if they told her that she was all right, then she was going to throw the clock away from her.

The doctors confirmed what the Apple Watch warned him so much, since it was atrial fibrillation, adding that his heart was beating erratically due to a myxoma, a rare and fast-growing tumor that was suffocating the blood supply of Kim’s heart, thus causing a stroke.

Doctors were eventually able to take Kim to Massachusetts General Hospital to remove the deadly tumor in five-hour open-heart surgery. The fast-growing, four-centimeter tumor would have killed Kim «almost certainly» if she hadn’t been caught early thanks to the alert sent by her Apple Watch.

We leave you with the report of the CBS News channel (in English):

Via 9To5Mac

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