Basic functions with the S Pen on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8

Basic functions with the S Pen on the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8

The S Pen is an intelligent pencil that, initially, only accompanied the extinct Samsung Galaxy Note series, being a very distinctive and unique element in the market.. Although there were attempts by other Android brands to do something similar, the result was not the best. Today it is part of the Ultra range smartphones (in models S21 Ultra, S22 Ultra, Fold and as always, in tablets).

There is often a lot of talk about how useful it is to have a pencil accompanying your smartphone, but little is said specifically about what you can do with it. In this article, we are going to explore the predefined applications and what is the benefit that you can get from the S Pen if you have some of the Samsung devices that we just mentioned.

Create a note with the S Pen on the S22 or Tab S8

Before we get into the applications, we will explain in detail the Create Note option using the S Pen. Starting with this will give you a general idea of ​​what can be comfortably done with the pencil.

With the device unlocked, when you bring the S Pen close to the device, an icon appears on the left side that, when pressed, will show the preprogrammed operations that are allowed to be carried out with the pen.

The functions that the S Pen brings by default in all current devices are the following:

  1. Create note.
  2. See all notes.
  3. Smart selection.
  4. Write on screen.
  5. Write on calendar.
  6. Glance.
  7. Translate.
  8. Enlarge.
  9. AR drawings.
  10. animated messages.

From the list of standard operations we will focus on those that contribute to day-to-day productivity. The useful and direct to understand are: Create notes, smart selection, writing on the screen and on the calendar.

Create note and view list. As its name suggests, it allows you to generate notes from scratch, using different brushes and text manipulation tools, including scratching PDFs and images, although we will see this in a second article. In view the notes is the list of those that you have already generated by date.

smart selection is a very useful tool that allows you to take screenshots of a rectangular section with the S Pen. It is especially useful on tablets that can use multiple windows.

write on screen It is one of the most useful and versatile tools that come by default. When using it, it makes a screenshot of the screen that you can then scratch. You may wonder what it is for me, well, it is very useful if you are in charge of reviewing texts, content, images, websites, etc. Quickly, you can make a screenshot and scratch the observation with the pencil, and accompany it with a text indicating where the problem is, or use the highlighter tool.

write on calendar allows you to write, trace, draw or doodle directly on the calendar application that Samsung has.

Glance It is used to work with applications in the background, but its use is not intuitive.

Translate It allows you to point the S Pen at a word that will then translate it, however, by not doing it in context (in a sentence), sometimes it makes no sense. Enlarge it is nothing more than a magnifying glass.

In particular, the tools AR Drawings Y animated messages; they can be useful for content creators, or quick and creative uploads to social networks. The first of them uses the front camera so that you can make creative strokes or draw faces; and the second allows you to record videos of a few seconds, and on that video you generate traces with visual effects.

Create notes: the most useful and powerful default sub app

By clicking on Create Note (eye only works by clicking with the pencil), we enter an interface with a black background that allows us to write our notes, drawings or whatever.

In the case of phones, the tools are located at the bottom; and in the case of tablets Galaxy Tab S8, are at the top. Ideally designed for larger screens, it brings you closer to using a normal PC (See previous image).

From left to right the tools on the S21, S22 and the Tab S8 are the same:

  1. pen mode
  2. Highlighter mode (highlighter)
  3. eraser mode
  4. selection mode
  5. Undo and Redo
  6. S Pen to text
  7. Straighten
  8. convert to text
  9. change style
  10. easy writing pad
  11. Shape AutoCorrect
  12. Shape AutoCorrect

Since there are external Samsung Apps that also use the tools, but not all of them, we will make a brief introduction of how each of the mentioned works.

pen mode

This tool allows us to choose 5 different types of pens, they differ mainly in the way they are drawn. In addition, the thickness of the stroke and the color of the earthquake can be modified.

It is important to note that the pen mode detects the level of pressure on the tip of the pencil, this causes the thickness of the drawing to increase. In turn, if you make faster or slower movements, it is also detected in the shape and thickness of the stroke.

Highlighter mode (highlighter)

As its name says, it works as a highlighter, it is ideal to highlight an element such as text, since it has transparency.

eraser mode

This tool is the eraser, it allows you to delete complete strokes, or by zones.

selection mode

With the pencil you can select a region of the note, to cut, copy or delete. In the three dots menu it allows you to change the style, convert to text, straighten the shapes (rotate them), etc.

Undo and Redo

Classic operations to go back or forward a step when you think you made a mistake in deleting or creating something.

S Pen to text

If you are one of those who do not understand your handwriting at the end of the day, this is one of the essential tools for you. If you are taking notes from a class, meeting, or similar; when writing as if you were writing in a notebook, the smartphone or tablet immediately “translates” your handwritten text into print.

Straighten and Convert to Text

If you’re in the habit of writing diagonally in notebooks, pressing this tool immediately straightens slanted handwriting, without the need to select it.

Convert to Text, another essential, if you only dedicated yourself to taking notes directly with any of the S Pen pens, once the meeting is over, you can press it, and you will see that it only detects the text and converts it to print.

change style

It is not such an important tool, however, it allows you to modify the color and thickness of the strokes. Both for handwritten text and drawings.

easy writing pad

It’s a good tool, but it seems to us that it lacks options to work with, such as choosing the area where it zooms. On paper, it is a zoom that allows you to write in a larger box and in a more orderly manner.

On the smartphone it looks like this:

And on the tablet:

Shape AutoCorrect

If you select it, it corrects your lines so that they are straight, or through artificial intelligence (AI) it interprets what type of geometric figure would correspond to it.

zoom lock

With two fingers, one can increase the visibility of the area when opening, decrease if the fingers are closed. This tool allows you to lock the current zoom, only authorizing movement within the text plane.

Notes with the computer locked

In the phone models that the S Pen comes from the factory (S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra), when you remove the pen from its position on the phone you can take notes directly on the screen, on a black background, without unlocking the device.

In the case of the other devices, they do not come with this feature activated, but it can be solved by unlocking the device and making a note.

In the next note of the series, we will see uses of the S Pen in productivity situations that many can find useful.

Have you taken advantage of all the S Pen tools?

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