Bayonetta 3 will officially arrive on October 28

Bayonetta 3 will officially arrive on October 28

It seems like an eternity since Bayonetta 3 was first shown to the public, and finally, after a wait that has become eternal, we already have the confirmation of when we will officially see it.

As we can see in the promotional image that has been uploaded to Nintendo’s social networks, we can see that we are invited to be protagonists of the battle of Bayonetta vs. Homonculi, plus the introduction of a new witch named Viola.

But that’s not all, because now we also have a trailer that shows us cinematics, gameplay and a bit of the history of the game that we have been waiting for so many years, as well as giving us more details about Viola.

So, 3 months separate us from the game, and the pre-sales of it are already available in the eShop if we want to get a digital copy.

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