Be careful with the false SMS of 634202737, we will tell you why

Be careful with the false SMS of 634202737, we will tell you why
Be careful with the false SMS of 634202737, we will tell you why

Dozens of users have started reporting in just under 24 hours have received an SMS through 634202737. Based on the testimonies of these same users, the content of the message seems to be related to certain online banking services, as well as the claim for payments from the Tax Agency. It is for this reason that most question the true nature of the text message, but is it really a fraudulent message? We see it.

The character of this article is merely informative. is only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it distances itself from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations launched at the company regarding its network services and/or the service aftermarket.

Users warn: do not open this message from 634202737

“BBVA identity theft”, “SMS fraudulently reporting the cancellation of your BBVA account and with a link to update bank details”, “Fraudulent SMS that impersonates BBVA to collect bank details”… These These are some of the testimonials that we have been able to find on the net in relation to 634 202 737. Who does it really belong to?

The Tax Agency and BBVA are the two entities that users indicate as allegedly responsible for sending SMS. Apparently, the body of the text message is something similar to this:

Tax Agency: I qualify you for a refund, check your refund form on the website: [enlace]

BBVA: Dear customer, your bank account will be suspended on 07/20/2022, please update your information: [enlace]

Although we have not been able to access the links that are cited, some users say that we are facing an alleged identity theft attempt. Also Known As phishingthis method of social engineering is based on simulate belonging to certain companies or public bodies to obtain economic revenue. In the case of messages related to BBVA, it is most likely that we will find a web platform similar to the group’s online banking, so once the access data is entered, the information is sent to a private server.

Be careful with the false SMS of 634202737, we will tell you why 1
This is what some fake web pages that impersonate Correos look like.

Something similar happens with the SMS from the Tax Agency: when entering the credit card number, various unauthorized charges will be made. It is for this reason that from we recommend proceeding to block it through the methods that we will describe below.

So you can block SMS from 634 20 27 37 and other fraudulent numbers

The process of blocking any text messages on Android and iOS is very easy as we can use the blocking features of the Messages app. in the inbox, we will access the content of the message and then the information section if we have an iPhone or in Details if we have an Android mobilemenu that we can activate through the three points that are shown in the upper right corner.

Be careful with the false SMS of 634202737, we will tell you why 2

Within the advanced options, we will click on Block and mark as Spam or on Block, depending on the version of the system. Another option is to install third-party applications, such as Mr. Number or Truecaller. Both tools allow us to block incoming messages and calls automatically based on reports from other users, so we won’t have to do it manually as is the case with the native iOS and Android options.

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