Be careful with this: Amazon Prime will raise its price by almost 40% from this date

Be careful with this: Amazon Prime will raise its price by almost 40% from this date
Be careful with this: Amazon Prime will raise its price by almost 40% from this date

The Amazon Prime subscription is considered one of the most productive that can be found on the Internet today. This service, which also includes shipping on Amazon purchases in less time, free subscriptions to Twitch creators or access to other services such as Amazon Music or Audible, cost 36 euros per year, but Watch out for this: Amazon Prime will raise its price by almost 40% from this date.

That is the notification that users of the Amazon Prime service have found when they open their email. The American company has announced that the price of the monthly subscription to Prime will go from 3.99 euros to 4.99 euros per month from September 15, 2022an increase of one euro that increases even more in annual subscriptions.

New subscriptions to the Amazon Prime service, as well as renewals and new registrations made after September 15, 2022will already have the new prices, which in this case They go from 36 euros per year to 49.90 euros per yearwhich has unleashed a shower of criticism of the company on social networks, since the increase is 38.6%.

Be careful with this: Amazon Prime will raise its price by almost 40% from this date 1

In the email that Amazon has sent to its subscribers, high inflation is pointed out as one of the causes of this drastic price increase. Although the statement emphasizes that the reasons for the change «are due to external circumstances that do not depend on Amazon», that has not prevented several users wonder how to unsubscribe to avoid this price increase.

Amazon hadn’t changed the price of its Amazon Prime subscriptions since August 2018, making it the first increase in four years. This increase in prices has also occurred in other countries on the European continent, such as France, where the annual subscription will go from 49 to 69.90 euros, or the United Kingdom, where the 75 pounds that an Amazon Prime user paid per year will now be 95 pounds (111.94 euros to change).

No changes to Amazon Prime service

Amazon’s new prices do not imply no change in the service that Amazon Prime offers to its subscribersyes Although many users have begun to demand on social networks and Telegram groups that greater segmentation be done by separating the fast shipping service from the Prime Video subscription to watch streaming movies and series, for example, Amazon will continue to maintain everything it offers in a single pack.

Be careful with this: Amazon Prime will increase its price by almost 40% from this date 2

Amazon Prime allows you to receive fast shipments and without additional shipping costs on a wide variety of products available in the Amazon catalog. Its streaming service, one of the most valued aspects of Prime, also includes a significant number of movies and series, some of them original, which has allowed this service to compete head-to-head with Netflix or HBO Max. The streaming music service Amazon Music and the video game service Prime Gaming are also available.

Prime also has other services that users often do not make the most of., such as free months on the Audible podcast platform, access to thousands of ebooks with Kindle or Amazon’s Flash offers, with which you can find discounted items for a certain period of time. Amazon Photos, an alternative to Google Photos and other cloud storage services, is another of the applications that go unnoticed by most.

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