The best apps to watch live TV channels and movies

The best apps to watch live TV channels and movies

Something quite annoying for everyone is the price increase that cable TV or satellite TV subscriptions experience every year, which together with the little satisfaction that customers feel with these companies, makes thousands of people look for cheaper alternatives to watch free TV, live TV, series and movies.

It is true that you can change a typical cable TV service for a streaming service like Netflix, for example, and thus spend considerably less monthly. But there are other services besides Netflix, which may be better for some users and can be free or paid, and allow us to watch TV channels on Android, iOS and other platforms.

The current alternatives to unsubscribe from cable subscription every day are more and more, and many times they are surprising for content that is not seen in traditional cable TV and that give a break from the routine programming.

It should be noted that among the many streaming services that exist, there are some that are a bit murky for the type of content they offer and the reliability of its installation, but here in TecnoBreak we will focus on free and paid apps to watch TV online safely and legally, and that also work very well.
Apps to watch movies and live TV

There are so many good options to watch free TV that after reading this article you will feel like canceling your cable subscription. With the apps we have gathered in this list, you will be able to watch your favorite TV channels in real time, record the programs you like and re-watch a program that has already aired or that you have not been able to watch live.

Pluto TV

This app stands out for offering a programming similar to that of cable TV services, with programs separated into categories and that can be viewed for free. Here you can find channels of series, movies, news, sports and other content to watch TV online, such as IGN and CNET.

In addition, Pluto TV recently launched a video-on-demand service with series and movies produced by prestigious TV studios such as MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate and Warner Bros.

This app to watch free TV channels has support for various devices, such as Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Roku, Google Nexus Player, Android TV and Chromecast. Pluto TV, a free TV streaming app, has been improving over time, so you can always find more and better content, as well as an interface that developers are perfecting to make it simpler and more elegant.

It is good to recognize that it is the closest thing to having a cable subscription, only in this case it is a free app to watch TV on mobile and other devices.

Do not be discouraged if before starting the TV program you chose, a few seconds of advertising appear, as this is the way Pluto TV has to maintain the good quality of its product. These ads are quite similar to the ones we see on TV. But other than that, the content of this app to watch free live TV is very good.


But when it comes to watching TV online, we should not only focus on entertainment programs. There are also many other categories such as news and sports that are searched by millions of people around the world.

By installing the NewsON application, you can access hundreds of channels that provide national news in the United States. This content can be viewed live or on-demand, in which case it is available for 48 hours.

More than 170 affiliates from 113 different markets participate in this app, creating and sharing their content. The interesting thing about this app for watching TV online is that it uses the user’s location data to indicate on a map the news programs available locally.

Thus, users can choose news about sports, business, weather forecasts, and so on. NewsON is compatible with iOS and Android phones and tablets, Roku and Fire TV. And another positive aspect of this app is that it covers more than 83% of the U.S. territory, so you will see more than 200 local news stations almost everywhere you are.


This app called FITE allows us to instantly access different combat sporting events, which are broadcast live and can be watched either for free or paid (via pay-per-view for exclusive content).

Events include wrestling, MMA, martial arts and boxing. Some of the live programs available for viewing:

MMA events from Brave, ONE Championship, Shamrock FC, UFC, M-1, UCMMA, KSW and several more.
Wrestling events from AAA, AEW, ROH, MLW and Impact Wrestling, among others.
Boxing events from PBC/Fox, TopRank/ESPN, Golden Boy Promotions, BKB and Star Boxing, among others.

And many hundreds of other combat sporting events. Not only can you watch live shows, the catalog also features the ability to re-watch previously aired bouts, interviews, movies and on-demand video.

The FITE application works with cell phones, tablets, various models of smart TV, XBox, Apple TV and Chromecast, among others. A good option to watch TV online for free.


Through this app for iOS that allows us to watch TV for free, you can access to watch live movie premieres, while you can also watch episodes of series such as Barry, The Deuce and Room 104, among others.

As well as movie premieres, you can also watch live news, comedy specials, documentaries, interviews and exclusive HBO events. To start using this service for free, all you have to do is download the app and register.

After the trial period you will have a monthly charge, although it must be said that the content is worth it and can be accessed from various devices such as smartphone, TV, game console and computer.

Don’t forget that this service is only enabled for the United States region. Finally, it has the advantage of not displaying advertising on its content, although it is not possible to download it to watch it online, as well as there is no 4K or HDR content available.

The HBO Now service works with many platforms, such as Android, iOS, Fire OS, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Along with these platforms, it is also possible to watch online channels on compatible Samsung TVs, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, Roku and Google Chromecast.

Remember that this is a TV streaming service oriented to the US public, so if you live outside the US you will have to subscribe to an HBO service from your local cable provider or use a VPN to connect to its content.

Hulu Live TV

This service offers a wide range of content with channels such as NBC, ABC, Fox and CBS, along with other exclusive content that can only be found on this service. Users who sign up for the service can watch live TV shows from either a cell phone, PC, tablet or TV.

Hulu’s Live TV product was launched in 2017, with the aim of adding live programs to its extensive catalog, hence its name. While it previously only worked by offering shows, series and movies, with this product it began to act as a combination between Netflix and Sling TV.

The content available within the app will depend on the price of the subscription the user is paying. While the cheapest subscription includes ads, the most expensive subscription eliminates all ads and makes the experience of watching TV and movies superior.

Hulu’s service for watching online TV channels is available for iOS, Android, Fire TV and Fire Stick, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox One and Xbox 360 devices. Certain models of Samsung TVs are also compatible with this service.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another application for watching live and on demand TV. Its interface is very easy to customize, as well as having a price and number of channels that make it a good option for iOS users.

The Orange pack includes news programs, sports and entertainment channels, while the Blue pack, which costs a little more, offers channels more oriented to series and movies.

Also, another difference between the Orange and Blue plan is that with the former you can only watch a stream on one device, while with the latter plan you can stream simultaneously on three different devices, such as iOS, Android and Roku, for example.

The third option is the Orange+Blue plan, which includes more channels and the possibility of watching live TV on up to four devices simultaneously. The ideal is to combine both packs to receive the best content, such as soap operas, movies, news and children’s programs, among others. For this, a 7-day free trial is available, which can be used from a tablet, phone, PC or TV or game console.

AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now).

This TV streaming service that changed its name a short time ago continues to systematically gain subscribers, offering two plans: the Plus plan that includes 40 channels such as HBO and Fox; and the Max plan with 50 channels such as Cinemax and NBC, among others.

AT&T TV NOW offers its users about 20 hours of cloud storage through its Cloud DVR feature. In this way, recordings of favorite shows can be stored for 30 days.

Individual episodes or all episodes of a program can be recorded, with recording starting when the user presses the record button, not when the user tunes in to the episode to be recorded. A positive aspect is that it is possible to skip the commercials that appear in the recorded programs, either by making a 15-second skip or by fast-forwarding.

As for the number of devices that can stream shows simultaneously, AT&T TV Now supports up to 2 devices, which can be a TV, tablet, phone or computer. AT&T TV NOW does not include support for use on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, LG Smart TV or VIZIO Smart TV.


TVCatchup is a TV streaming app that allows us to watch free TV channels in the UK and also cable satellite channels. Its operation is similar to a traditional cable service, but through this app available for Android devices, with which you can access content from live channels such as BBC, ITV and Channel 4, among others.

To use this service you can use a desktop web browser or its own application on tablets and smartphones. To finance its operation, TVCatchup uses ads that appear before the transmission of each TV program.


Undoubtedly, it is the world’s best-known audiovisual content service. Netflix is the ideal streaming service to watch the latest series and movies for an inexpensive subscription fee.

In addition, you can watch other types of programs such as documentaries, animations and Netflix’s own content, becoming the default choice when it comes to choosing a service of this type with a large catalog available.

Netflix content can be accessed in several ways. One of them is through traditional cable TV with the plan you are subscribed to. Or by acquiring one of the plans from the Netflix website and downloading the application for use on smart TV, smartphone, computer or tablet.

Although it is a benchmark in TV streaming, Netflix began its activity by marketing DVDs in the United States, sending them to its customers’ homes. Years later, with the advancement of the public’s demands, it joined the streaming business.

Once we have created a username and password, we will have 30 days to try the service for free. After this period, and to continue using the service, you can choose between three different plans: basic, standard or premium.
Final opinion on TV viewing apps

Actually, nowadays we have hundreds of options available when it comes to choosing TV streaming apps, so there are no more excuses to keep paying so much money on our cable TV or satellite TV provider. Cancel those services to save money!

With these applications to watch TV online that we have mentioned you will be able to watch local or international news, entertainment programs, educational TV programs for children and thousands of series and movies.

Ideally, you should try each service, both free and paid, and end up choosing the option that best suits your tastes. To close, watching TV channels from Android, iOS or another platform is becoming easier and easier. And cheaper!

These are the main apps to watch TV online, both paid and free. If you want to recommend the one you use, write us in the comments.


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