Buying Beko refrigerators with HarvestFresh technology brings a gift

Buying Beko refrigerators with HarvestFresh technology brings a gift
Buying Beko refrigerators with HarvestFresh technology brings a gift

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Innovation in the appliance industry often translates into making people’s lives easier. Companies like Beko are increasingly betting on the development of technological solutions that not only improve the user experience, but also conserve the environment. This concern is made effective in the brand with systems such as HarvestFresh, an innovative technology that promises to optimize the preservation of fresh food and that is already available in their refrigerators destined for the consumer market. It is a lighting system that adapts the tone of the LED lights to the natural environment of the food. As if this were not enough, the firm has just launched a new promotion on all models that have HarvestFresh technology, such as the Beko GN162341XBN and GN163131ZIEN, with gift vouchers of up to 250 euros for the purchase of some of the refrigerators to be included in the promotion.

All this with the aim of strengthening its commitment to extend the shelf life of food and reduce the generation of organic waste, also having an impact on the consumer’s pocket, by not having to waste food that can no longer be eaten. Proof that this concern is becoming more and more pervasive among Spaniards is that the study ‘Sustainable habits in the kitchen in Spain’ carried out by Beko shows that 81% of the population recognizes that caring for the environment is an urgent and immediate problem.

What is HarvestFresh technology and why is it more important than you think?

Thanks to a study carried out by Intertek in collaboration with Beko, the company has designed a lighting system designed to improve the preservation of fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, by simultaneously using the sunlight cycle 24 hours a day through the color modification of the lights (blue, red and green). In this way, the natural environment of the raw material is recreatedincluding the moments of darkness, to preserve its freshness and reduce oxidation.

HarvestFresh drawer for fruits, vegetables and food from the garden in general.

The bench-testing of the study has taken place over five days and is based on measurements of Vitamin C and Vitamin A in exposed tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, spinach and celery, all of which have been directly exposed to the patented light technology. by Beko to compare their conditions from the first day to the last. The result? Greater conservation of the properties of fruits and vegetables, including vitaminswhich are responsible for strengthening the immune system to prevent diseases, in addition to providing antioxidants and improving cognitive functions.

Benefits of the HarvestFresh technology aside, what this system does is alternate the colors of the LED light found in the fruit and vegetable compartments of the fridge from time to time to simulate a real lighting environment. The study in question not only highlights the importance of exposing food to suitable conditions to improve its durability, also the conversation of those properties that provide a real benefit for health.

All the technologies that follow: NeoFrost, AeroFlow…

As mentioned above, all refrigerators with HarvestFresh technology are compatible with the Beko cashback promotion. This technology is added to the rest of the innovations developed by the company, such as NeoFrost Dual Cooling, AeroFlow and EverFreshwhich make up one of the most complete technological solutions on the market as a whole.

On the one hand, the NeoFrost Dual Cooling system has two independent cold systems with automatic defrost, unlike other conventional solutions. This technology improves food preservation conditions and prevents the transmission of odors from the freezer, thus keeping the air clean and food fresh. The result? A perfect preservation of frozen products, such as fish, cakes and meat.

Explanatory video on NeoFrost Dual Cooling technology, with two independent cooling systems for each compartment.

For its part, the AeroFlow system distributes the air in the refrigerator compartment through rear side channels. The cold is distributed evenly, reducing temperature fluctuations to a minimum. What is achieved with this is to maintain a practically flat temperature line, with all the benefits that this entails in terms of durability, especially when we talk about foods subject to breaking the cold chain, such as shellfish and molluscs. This also translates into health, since by discussing the gender in the best conditions, we will avoid eating food in poor condition.

Buying Beko refrigerators with HarvestFresh technology brings a gift 1
This is what the Beko GN163131ZIEN model looks like inside, with NeoFrost Dual Cooling technology, HarvestFresh drawer and IcePlus ice generation system.

The rest of the benefits of this technology are related to prolonged freshness and less dehydration, something that is especially important in fruits and vegetables, which preserve their texture and aromas for longer. The icing on the cake is technology EverFresh+, which keeps fruit and vegetables fresh for up to 30 days through precise temperature and humidity controlswhich minimize condensation in the drawer, preserving the ingredients in their most optimal conditions to reduce the natural oxidation to which they are exposed.

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