Chromebooks get even closer to Windows with these improvements

Chromebooks get even closer to Windows with these improvements
Chromebooks get even closer to Windows with these improvements

It is increasingly common to value the purchase of a Chromebook to carry out work or academic tasks. Its lower price than many laptops and its evolution are evidence that implies that Chromebooks get even closer to Windows with these improvementsso the trend may continue to rise for these devices with the Chrome OS operating system.

Google has just announced in a blog post that breaks down what’s new in Chromebooks: new features that will make them much more attractive for students or professionals use it as their main work tool. The idea that they are portable with little chance is starting to get outdated, and rightly so.

What’s new in Google Photos

One of the main novelties planned for the coming months (if nothing goes wrong, by autumn 2022) will be in the application of Google Photos, an application that will incorporate a movie and video editor. This editor is designed to provide the user with a greater sense of simplicity thanks to a very intuitive design with which they will be able to create their audiovisual works, regardless of their level of preparation and professionalism.

With the new Google Photos tools you can create video clips from photos or other video extracts, although you can also start a project from scratch with the Google Photos movie editor. Modifying the brightness, contrast and filters of your videos will be much easier from now on.

Chromebooks get even closer to Windows with these improvements

Google Photos will sync with the gallery and files on your Chromebook, so you will easily have all the resources of your device at hand. Professionals will also be able to use the LumaFusion app, which will also be coming to Chromebooks soon. With it you can add graphics, visual and sound effects, transitions, audio tracks, color gradients, etc.

New enhancements coming to Chromebooks

In addition to the improvements in Google Photos for those in love with the audiovisual sector, there are other new enhancements coming to Chromebooks that will surprise users with their functionality in the pre-installed applications of the device.

In the Gallery application you will find new options to edit PDF, a tool increasingly demanded by users. Thanks to this evolution you will no longer have problems fill in forms, highlight a part of the text or sign documents.

Chromebooks get even closer to Windows with these 2 improvements

Screencast will be another of the great novelties that will be integrated into your Chromebook, and you will be able to record, view and share videos and presentations, very useful for students and teachers. Lastly, with Cursive, crafty users can continue to take notes by hand and then quickly transform them into a PDF for easy sharing with friends or co-workers.

Chromebooks have less and less to envy traditional laptops with Windows operating systems, and of course they will continue to offer quick access to the most used Google Workspace apps (Docs, Chat, Calendar, etc.). Entertainment applications and design applications with free resources such as Canva or Figma also work without any problem on these solvent devices, adapted to the daily routine of each one.

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