Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle on PS5, the update this game deserved

Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle on PS5, the update this game deserved
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the Elder Scrolls Online is one of the multiplayer MMO with more solitude of the panorama. And one of the games that I really wanted to get my hands on, although I was feeling a little overwhelmed. Not in vain, I already went through the experience of Skyrim and thinking of a game that has been updated year after year since 2014 seemed to me to be facing a huge giant, both because of the size of its growing world and because of the -possible- difficulty to find a place in your history. And I have to admit it. During my test of this game I understood perfectly how it has managed to age so well over the eight years that it has been with us.

On the occasion of the latest update, the one named The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, I have had the opportunity to try it on PS5 thanks to the code that the guys from Bethesda have left me. And it is not exactly a small update, because it brings one of the features that was missing since its launch: the translation of the texts into Spanish. How has my experience been? What is the best and worst thing about this ESO: High Isle? I tell you my impressions in this article.


Name: ESO The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle

Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS

Guy: MMO

Public: Youth / Adult

local multiplayer: Nope

Online game: Yes

Price: 70 euros (PS5)

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A game that has known how to age like good wine

The Elder Scrolls Online is a game that came in with a lot of criticism, but the efforts of its developers and Bethesda have made it become one of the classics within MMOs. And there are several reasons why it has been able to dazzle users who have entered the world of ESO. Starting with the difficulty. This is probably the friendliest massive multiplayer you’ll find, since it has been thought so that all players can find their place in the universe of this fantastic saga of role-playing games.

The point is that the game becomes more complex with you. That is, you can start from anywhere that is part of this universe of The Elder Scrolls Online and the enemies adapt to the level of your character. For me, I’m not a particularly advanced player, it’s quite a hoot. I’m still haunted by nightmares where I keep facing impossible Skyrim quests, and quests that happen pretty much at the beginning of the story. I have not found that desperation in ESO. On the other hand, I also tell you that sometimes I have had the feeling that it is even too easy and that a greater challenge is missing. No one said finding the perfect balance was easy.

Another aspect that seems to me a fantastic advance: the guidance system to reach your objectives in the missions. On the one hand, you have an explanatory panel at the top right of the active mission and the next steps you must take. And at the top you find a guide to the direction and height (up or down) of your next step. In fact, this active point is marked in white and in black those missions that you do not have active. It’s amazing, especially coming (once again) from Skyrim that could drive you crazy trying to get to the quest site.

The fact that you have other quests marked is a nice addition, since sometimes you have to go all over the island (thinking about this new High Isle addition) to get the new step, and along the way you can complete other quests so you don’t have to go from here to there.

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When they know how to put you in history

The beginning of the game is a delight, with a first mission that guides you through the controls and helps familiarize you with the features you’ll need to master. It’s one of those principles that help you get hooked on the story and follow without having to make an effort. Now, I have to say that I have missed Skyrim that beautiful skill map that opened like a constellation. In TESO everything is much simpler, although it doesn’t stop being somewhat confusing until you understand well where you want to go.

When creating your character, you can choose several races and then a limited number of professions. Perhaps here I would miss the idea that you gradually develop your character, making him part of a certain profession according to your actions throughout the story. And on the other hand you also have to choose one of the three factions that will later mark your way through the world. This seems very interesting to me since you can create several characters to live a different experience.

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The High Isle Update

With Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle brings a much-awaited improvement: the inclusion of texts in Spanish. The translation is good and except for the occasional error of a text that has not been translated (I have found one or two during all the hours that I have played) it is greatly appreciated so as not to have to constantly exercise English. The voices are still in the language of Shakespeare, but it must be said that it is impressive that all the dialogue has been dubbed to help you better immerse yourself in the story.

In itself, this update brings new adventures and political plots that give a lot of play. It maintains the usual tone of the game, with its same graphics engine, so don’t expect there to be a jump at this point typical of the latest generation consoles. In my case, it has not been a problem, since it compensates very well with the wealth of the world and all the options to grow.

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The combat, lights and shadows

I haven’t quite gotten comfortable in combat throughout my experience with this game.. It is true that it has a very important point in its favor, which is the fact that combat skills and magic are displayed at the bottom of the screen with quick access buttons. But in itself, the combat mechanics are far from ideal, since in the end you often end up hitting the buttons without much sense. I lack a little more finesse both in the counterattacks and in the enemies, such as the fact that it does not matter where you approach them from, they immediately react when you are at close range.

Be that as it may, we are facing a very vast world, which also allows you to discover the story alone or accompanied by teaming up with other players. I think it’s a delightful game because of the ease with which you get into it and how much it catches you, and the fact that you don’t necessarily have to buy improvements for your character to advance, something that doesn’t happen in other titles and that can become a real nuisance. There is a reason why The Elder Scrolls Online is one of the great MMOs that you can find on the market, and with the texts in Spanish of High: Isle even more

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This game is for you if…

If you want to discover one of the best MMOs that exist without having to worry about having a high level of knowledge in RPG or being a gamer, with a thousand details, ways to play and stories.

I don’t recommend it if…

You like games to be a skill challenge from the start



fun 9

Graphics 7

Vice 10

game time 10

sound 8

Difficulty 5


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