Entel’s 5G is already present in Aysén, Coyhaique and Puerto Cisnes

Entel’s 5G is already present in Aysén, Coyhaique and Puerto Cisnes

The Entel operator brings us good news from the Aysén Region, since three communes already have access to the 5G network. These are the communes of Aysén, Coyhaique and Puerto Cisnes.

Specifically in the commune of Cisnes, the operator officially handed over this new fifth-generation technology in the region in an activity that was attended by the Transport and Telecommunications SEREMI, Claudia Cantero; Senator Ximena Órdenes; Deputy Marcia Raphael; the mayor of Cisnes, Francisco Roncagliolo, and the manager of Regulation and Corporate Affairs of Entel, Manuel Araya.

The deployment of this 5G network adds to important investments that the operator has made in recent years to strengthen connectivity in the region, highlighting the Fibra Óptica Austral project, which has allowed the more than 600 inhabitants of Caleta Tortel to enjoy of a speed experience 15 times faster.

The improvements made to the 4G+ network that were made during 2021 in Puerto Sánchez, Cochrane, Caleta Andrade and Puerto Aguirre are also added.

In the last three years, more than $1,000 million has been invested in the 4G network in the Aysén Region, including the resources for this year, which is of the utmost importance, since this technology is the basis for the initial development of the fifth generation network. Therefore, in the 5G network, the investment for the first stage of deployment (2021 – 2022) exceeds $570 million.

At the national level, the operator Entel already has an advance of more than 96% in the deployment of 5G and is operating commercially in 267 communes throughout the country.

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