Four Beko fridges on sale this week

Four Beko fridges on sale this week
Four Beko fridges on sale this week

Although more than one of us would like to spend the summer in a refrigerator, it is not the healthiest thing we can do in this heat wave that does not seem to hit the ceiling. Meanwhile, manufacturers like Beko present us with various offers on some of their best-selling models, with discounts ranging from 6 to 32% on Amazon. This time we have compiled some of the best Beko refrigerator deals that we have been able to find this week on the net. Of course, some have limited units, so it is likely that they will no longer be available sooner rather than later.

The price reflected in the article could vary over time. From we limit ourselves to collecting the value of the product on the date of publication. On the other hand, none of the products exposed in the article have been proposed by brands. The selection criteria belongs solely to the editor.

Up to 30% discount on these two Beko refrigerators

Four Beko fridges on sale this week 1
Beko RDNT231I30WN model.

Starting with the RDNT271I30WN model. It is a two-door refrigerator in white, with a freezer compartment on top and A++ certification. In this case, the manufacturer’s recommended price is 540 euros, while Amazon’s offer reduces its price to 385 euros, which represents a 29% discount. Yes indeed, delivery is paid separately and is valued at 23.50 euros between July 28 and August 2.

The next model that benefits from these discounts is the Beko RDNT231I30WN, which has a 230-liter capacity, with a design very similar to the previous model but somewhat more modern. Also available in white, it has Neo Frost technology and an A+ energy certification. Its price is 359 euros and it is reduced by more than 30%since its recommended sale price was 527 euros at the time of its release.

Other Beko offers in refrigerators: ProSmart Inverter technology and more

Four Beko fridges on sale this week 2
Beko RSSE445K31XBN model.

With somewhat more moderate discounts, the Beko RSSE445K31XBN is presented as a model without a freezer with a capacity of 402 liters and a cyclical cooling system. Despite not having freezing functions, It has a cabin that reaches 0 degrees Celsius to improve the conversion of fruits and vegetables. Its sale price, by the way, is 390 euros, which represents a discount of 11% compared to the starting value. On the other hand, the delivery has a cost of 6.35 euros and is made during the same days that we have mentioned above.

The latest refrigerator on offer comes from the hand of the Beko RCNE560K40WN, a combined format model that offers 145 liters of capacity and has NeoFrost Dual Cooling technology to eliminate odor exchange by having independent cooling systems. In addition to having a reversible door, it has the latest technology from the manufacturer in compressors thanks to the ProSmart Inverter system.

Its price? 568 euros offer, which represents a discount of 6% compared to its official value. Again the amount of delivery is again 23.50 euros, which would take place at the end of July or beginning of August according to Amazon estimates.

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