Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could offer up to 3 days of autonomy

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro could offer up to 3 days of autonomy

One of the big problems that watches with Wear OS have had is precisely their excessive energy consumption, so the autonomy delivered by those smart watches does not exceed two days.

And it is that Wear OS is an adapted version of Android and this green robot consumes a lot of energy and at the same time it is difficult to install a higher capacity battery in such a small space as the one in a smart watch.

But hey, it seems that Samsung has found a way to integrate a higher capacity battery into its next Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, since it is rumored that its internal battery would reach a capacity of 572 mAh.

With this battery, Samsung’s smart watch could be able to offer a range of up to 3 days, at least that’s what the «Ice universe» leaker comments on his Twitter account.

But beware, we are only talking about the Pro model, so perhaps the rest of the Galaxy Watch 5 models have a lower capacity battery and at the same time their autonomy would be less than what the Pro model could offer.

But hey, we are going to know that on August 10, which is the date chosen by Samsung to present its new devices in a new Galaxy Unpacked.

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