How to play Stray and other games with PlayStation Plus Premium for free

How to play Stray and other games with PlayStation Plus Premium for free

Surely you have heard of that game in which you take the reins of a cute kitten and a nice robot that accompanies it. Stray is already for many a GOTY or game of the year thanks to its characters and its history. But, if you have a PlayStation 4 or a PlayStation 5, the best thing is not to be told about it, but to try it first-hand. And you can do it completely free of charge while enjoying the rest of the advantages of PlayStation Plus Premium. At least for 7 days. We tell you how to play Stray and other games with PlayStation Plus Premium for free below.

The key lies in the new trial period that PlayStation is offering to new users of its free game bar service. You should already know that PlayStation Plus is like the Netlix of video games for the Sony console. A subscription that offers you a good number of titles to play at any time without paying extra beyond the monthly fee. Well, now you can take advantage of it for free for 7 days for a cost of zero euros to play Stray or another of the over 700 titles available.


PlayStation Plus trial period

The trick is to take advantage of the trial period. A week or 7 days that PlayStation offers completely free to taste the benefits of PlayStation Plus. And the best thing is that it allows us to apply it to any of the modalities offered by this service: Essential, Extra and Premium. Each one with more advantages than the previous one and more possibilities. Even playing online via streaming without having to have the game downloaded, from the console or even on the PC.

Well, you just have to go to PlayStation Plus in the main menu of your game console. It does not matter if it is PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. Here the necessary thing is that you have never linked PlayStation Plus to your user account. That is, you have never paid or used it with that account. This way you will have access to the trial version. Otherwise, you will only see the option to pay.


Within PlayStation Plus you can find out about the advantages included in this service. From free games to the possibility of saving your progress online or receiving discounts to buy in PlayStation Store. All this, yes, depends on the version of PlayStation Plus that you decide to hire. In this case, and since it will be free, we recommend you aim for the PlayStation Plus Premium version which includes all the best and can be taken advantage of with this offer.

Follow the steps and indicate the payment method if you do not already have it in your PlayStation account. Don’t worry, the transaction is completely free. A screen will inform you that you are subscribing to PlayStation Plus but the initial payment is zero euros. However, this period trial only lasts 7 days. After this time, the amount of the subscription will be charged and the payment will be repeated as selected. And it is that we can pay it month by month, quarterly or take advantage of a small payment reduction when choosing the annual model. The most expensive version is 120 euros per year with everything included.


Keep in mind that you can cancel this subscription at any time during the 7 days test. In other words, you won’t have to pay anything to play Stray or use this service. But you will have to remember to unsubscribe before the end of the period to avoid surprises.

As well. If you have already chosen the PlayStation Plus subscription model you prefer, you have entered your bank details and you have confirmed that you will not be charged anything for 7 days, you can now accept on the payment screen and become a PlayStation Plus user.


How to play Stray for free on PlayStation

Now that you are a PlayStation Plus user, even if it is free and limited to one week, you can start playing the entire available collection for free. Yes stray It is what has brought you here, you will simply have to look for it in the PlayStation Plus catalog, where it is included for free. No additional payments.


The interesting thing is that, if you have chosen PlayStation Plus Premium, you will have two ways to play it. one will be download it like any game purchased from the PlayStation Store. This means having space on the hard drive of our PlayStation to download it and play it with all the power and visual options that the console offers. It is the best option if we have a poor or intermittent Internet connection, or if we want to get the most out of our game console and television. We download it and play it as one more game from our gallery.

The second option is to play it via streaming, via Internet. This way you avoid the time of downloading it. It just loads in a few seconds and you start playing. The limitations in this experience are based on the graphics, since you will only be able to play it at 1,080 pixels of resolution and without the extra options of PlayStation 4 Pro or PlayStation 5 in terms of visual effects. The good thing is that you can also play it on a computer that is not powerful just by connecting the PlaytStation controller via Bluetooth. In other words, less quality but with the possibility of playing it in more places without carrying the console or having to wait to download it to try it.


How to cancel PlayStation Plus before you get charged

It is important that, if you did not like the experience or do not wish to finally use this video game subscription service, you cancel it. before it renews. If you have only come this far taking advantage of the test week, you must measure the times well so as not to spend a single euro.


Thus, when you are clear, and before the 7 days are up, you must go to the PlayStation Plus application or the service’s website. In this second case, log in or sign in, click on your photo and choose the Subscription management menu. Here you can click on cancel seeing at all times until what date you can take advantage of this tool. From the console you will have to go to the PlayStation Plus application and go to the tab …Plus. Here you will see an option to manage subscriptions. Go in and cancel the free trial to ensure that you will not receive any charges after 7 days.

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