Ibai Llanos thinks about it: he could leave Twitch in five months

Ibai Llanos thinks about it: he could leave Twitch in five months
Ibai Llanos could leave Twitch in five months

Ibai Llanos is seriously thinking about it. Yes, considering leaving Twitch to go direct to more or less than YouTube. This is an idea that is increasingly in the head of the Basque streamer and electronic sports presenter. Read on as we tell you everything we know so far about this.

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The possible departure of Ibai Llanos from Twitch It is not something that surprises anyone and even more so considering the changes that the number one streaming platform in the world is planning to introduce and that directly affects streamers, such as:

The possibility of reduce the earnings of content creators by 70 to 50% regarding subscriptions and increase the amount of advertising on streams to compensate for the drop in the price of Twitch subscriptions.

YouTube doesn’t think about it either and is taking advantage of the situation to rub its hands, that is, to do good business by attracting some of the biggest Twitch streamers to its platform, such as Ibai, among many others.

Ibai Llanos: «We have to go stream on YouTube, it’s no joke»

With these words, we have learned that the Spanish streamer is flirting with the idea of ​​moving to YouTube. “I think this year is my last on Twitch, really”. “We have to go to YouTube”Ibai said in streaming. “My publisher has told me yes. My editor wants to go to YouTube, I don’t know why. Because I think the direct ones stay up there, ”he continued saying in a tone of irony.

Here we leave you the exact moment in which Ibai Llanos dropped the bomb that in five months I could leave Twitchan exclusive that did not leave any of the viewers who were watching the live show indifferent:

We will have to wait a few months to find out if, finally, Ibai Llanos and other Twitch stars will leave the purple platform to go to YouTube. But what is clear is that when the river sounds it is because it carries water.

And you, what do you think? Do you think that Ibai Llanos will leave the medium that has given him worldwide fame and recognition? Tell us! From Tuexperto we want to know your opinion! Leave us a comment below so we can read you.

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