Instagram Subscriptions Announced

Instagram Subscriptions Announced

Nowadays with all the content creators that exist on the different platforms, it is normal that the applications have had to create different media to be able to monetize everything that these people upload to the web.

And in its eagerness to help said creators, Instagram has announced –specifically in the profile of the creator of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg–, that the company will start testing the possibility of having subscriptions.


This will better help content creators to monetize their content, says the company, and among its most striking benefits are having an exclusive chat with our favorite creator, having access to exclusive publications and Reels, and an exclusive tab. from the creator to store your streams and posts there.

The feature had been in alpha mode since January, but has now been officially announced, so we’re going to have to keep an eye out for any updates on the service’s pricing or global availability.

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