Intel shows off its new limited edition ARC Alchemist A770 graphics card

Intel shows off its new limited edition ARC Alchemist A770 graphics card

Everything indicates that the Intel company is adjusting the last details for the launch of its new graphics card. This is the Intel ARC Alchemist A770a graphic that is not high-end, but reaches a super competitive sector.

While some users are waiting for the next 7000 series from AMD or the RTX 40 from Nvidia, Intel steps in as a new player in the industry. The new GPU Intel ARC Alchemist A770 will perform roughly between the RTX 3060 TI and RTX 3070. Next, we show you some images of new graphics from Intel.

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Intel ARC Alchemist A770 Specifications

You’re probably wondering what this new graphics card from Intel has under the hood. Well I’ll tell you what features 32 GPU cores (Xe-Cores) with 4096 ALUs in FP32 (equivalent to CUDA cores) and 16,384 ALUs in XMX units (similar to tensors). Also it has 32 units for Ray Tracing, 128 units of textures, VRAM of the type GDDR6 with 256-bit bus.

But that’s not all, since the GPU in accelerated mode (Boost) exceeds the 2.4 GHz barrier. While, in relation to consumption, at full power it has a maximum TDP of 285 Wand in standard speed it consumes 190 W. In order to take advantage of this power consumption, the GPU has two connectors: one 8-pin and one 6-pin.

So far we do not have a specific release date, much less a price. In any case, we will be posting any update here in Paperweights.

What expectations do you have regarding the new Intel graphics?

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