Is Voghion reliable? 3 reasons why yes and 3 why not

Is Voghion reliable?  3 reasons why yes and 3 why not
Is Voghion reliable?  3 reasons why yes and 3 why not

Known as the AliExpress of clothing, with permission from Shein, Voghion is one of the best-known fashion and footwear sales applications on the Internet, with several million downloads on Google Play and the App Store. Since this store is not physically located in Spain, as is the case with Asos or Kiabi, for example, most of the questions that can be found on the web about the platform are related to the reliability of the Voghion: Is Voghion reliable? Is Voghion safe? What is the opinion of Voghion that its users have? We have collected some technical questions from the web, as well as reviews from real users, to answer them all.

The character of this article is merely informative. is only limited to collecting testimonials from users found on third-party pages, so it distances itself from the opinions expressed by them, as well as from the accusations launched at the company regarding its network services and/or the service aftermarket.

Reasons why Voghion looks legit in 2022

It is not for nothing that the application has millions of downloads in the Google and Apple stores. Let’s look at some of the reasons why Voghion is trustworthy, or at least it seems.

Complies with the legal withdrawal period and accepts returns

In compliance with current European regulations, the application offers a legal withdrawal period of 14 days from the date of receipt. Within this period, we can make any type of return if we are not satisfied with the quality or condition of the product.

To do this, we will have to proceed through the platform options or through the contact email address. Once a product is registered, the process to refund the money can take a few days (the page does not specify how many).

It supports payment through PayPal

And we have already talked several times about the advantages of this platform. PayPal is perhaps the most secure payment method for online purchases. The reason for this is that the service in question acts as an intermediary between the company and the client, withholding the amount of the purchase until the transaction is completed. In case any type of problem is reported during the purchase process, PayPal will mediate a solution between both partieseven returning the total amount owed if Voghion does not respond to the report that we have made through the platform.

The products have a real rating system

With a very similar operation to that of AliExpress, in fact. To assess the quality of the genre, we can resort to this section, which is usually full of real comments from other users alluding to the size, color or comfort of the clothing. From this same system we can also make public the photos of the garments that we have acquired to help the rest of the platform’s users to determine their quality.

Reasons why Voghion doesn’t look reliable in 2022

All that glitters is not gold, especially when we talk about a relatively young application. Let’s look at some of the reasons Voghion doesn’t seem confident.

Contact options are rather scarce

Although the application has its own reporting, reimbursement, and return system, the truth is that the methods of contacting the company are rather limited. Proof of this is that only refers to a single email address in the Contact section of its website, so we will not be able to use telephone numbers, enriched forms or postal addresses.

Regarding the address provided by the company, we can contact Voghion through the following email:

Response times do not usually exceed the business day, as specified on the website itself.

Returns are not free: this is what you will have to pay

Despite the fact that Voghion complies with the legal withdrawal period, the store applies a surcharge on returns of unwanted items, that is, those that lack some type of fault or have been received correctly. As indicated on the website itself, the return of unwanted items «will be subject to a 20% restocking fee and the articles must only be in their original state”, something that allegedly clashes with current legislation.

If we turn to the website of the Community of Madrid, the information regarding this right mentions the following:

«The exercise of the right of withdrawal will not imply any expense for the consumer and user, that is, the entrepreneur cannot impose any penalty for returning the product within the period stipulated by law. However, the consumer may have to bear the expenses necessary to return the product to the seller, provided that the seller has previously informed him of it.

In this sense, Voghion applies a percentage surcharge to cover said expense instead of a fixed rate that covers the amount invested in the transport of the merchandise to its warehouses.

Comments on Google Play and App Store are also not very positive

That’s how it is. From problems with international shipments, to refunds that are never made or products whose quality is far from what was promised. In this sense, most of the comments that we have been able to find in the different application stores are negative: proof of this is that Voghion It has an average rating of 3.2 stars on Google Play in more than 2.06 million reviews, while in the App Store it has 2.7 stars out of five. The content of the comments will be analyzed below.

Voghion reviews and opinions: positive, negative and neutral

A simple search in some of the means that we have just mentioned will help us to know the comments that users publish on the Internet in relation to the Voghion service. On this occasion, we have collected more than a dozen reviews, both positive and negative, selected randomly.

We read on Google Play:

«Things don’t come to you. They don’t give you your money back. They don’t give you refunds. Customer service, when you give them a problem they cut off your quote and give you another one that is exactly the same as the first. In the face of incidents, nobody shows their faces. Summarizing a full-fledged **** on the internet within this application.»

“After wasting my time filling in everything . Turns out they don’t ship everywhere. I think that first and foremost they should fix this logistical issue before bombarding them with offers, advertising and promotions. For example. It gives the option of sending to the island of Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and does not give the option of sending to the two capital islands of the provinces.»

«The products are as good as the image but what I don’t like is the garment is at a price when you go to pay the shipping costs and they change the price of the garment for example I wanted to buy a tracksuit for my son worth 12 €.95 and when I pay it I get the shipping costs €3 plus the tracksuit has changed the price has returned to 15.99.»

«It’s faster than other checkout pages, it’s great that you can instantly talk to the platform.»

«It has been great for me. Very good offers and among other things the headphones are the best I have ever bought.”

“Terrible user service. I lose 107 e that they don’t want to give me back. I honestly do not advise you to buy anything in this application.

«At the moment it’s going well for me, except that it takes a little longer than normal, but it’s fine.»

“If you ask and it doesn’t fit, they don’t change it. I do not recommend that you buy here. There are other better places to buy and with returns.”

«I bought a product which did not work when it arrived and they do not offer any type of guarantee, just send a video and they will study it.»

«They do not take responsibility for defective products, they tell you that they take a long time to return and that you think about it.»

“The things that you see in photos are not the same and if something does not look good on you, there are many problems to return it.”

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