Knowing the families of Intel processors, what are the current ones in 2022? Part 1

Knowing the families of Intel processors, what are the current ones in 2022?  Part 1

When acquiring a computer, one of the important decisions that we must always face is the choice of processors. As in any device there are different ranges to which we must aim according to the use that we are going to give to the equipment.

However, here at Paperweights we will be making content focused on resolving those doubts when choosing a processor from various brands. Knowing more about its specifications, families, models, presentations, among other elements.

For this particular case we are going to focus on Intel processors and their families. But surely you have heard several models of processors such as Celeron, Pentium, Intel Core, among others. Although the history of processors is quite long and there is room for a separate chapter dedicated to this, only we will focus on those processors that are in force between 2020 and this 2022. Revealing the initial model of said series (simpler) and the top of the range. Later in other guides we will reveal the details of each family, as well as the nomenclatures of processors by family, among other specifications.

Let’s get started!

To organize the ideas a little and simplify the composition of the families, we will base ourselves on the following diagram:

Intel processor families organization chart

Intel Atom

Intel Atom Logo

These little CPUs are Ideal for mobile devices, network equipment and the Internet of Thingsas well as are ideal for high-density, low-energy data center applications.

Intel Atom processors deliver advanced technology and processing capabilities where they’re needed most. Another element that stands out about the Atom is that they are cost-effective, durable and flexible for use in network infrastructure and security, and storage devices.

Intel Celeron Processors

Logo Intel Celeron Processors

Intel Celerons offer a Affordable CPU performance for entry-level desktops and laptops. They also allow for solid connectivity, as well as relatively decent battery life.

In turn, entry-level Intel Celeron computers can help users essential collaborate, create, learn and play. Likewise, users can enjoy good experiences on Windows laptops, Chromebooks, whether traditional, convertible or desktop, without neglecting security and connectivity. The idea is to get an affordable and basic equipment, but with a decent performance.

Intel Pentium

Logo Intel Pentium

processors Intel Pentium offer better performance than Celeron, in terms of power for entry-level computing equipment. This allows for a balance of performance, experience, and value with these systems.

Also the processors (compatible with Windows and Linux operating systems, and with Chrome) bring processing power to many more devices, from laptops and convertibles to desktops and minicomputersallowing to choose the device that best suits the needs of each user, while offering the necessary performance, experiences and security features.

Intel Core processors

Intel Core processors logo

Intel’s high-performance mobile and desktop processors offer more advanced graphics, connectivity, and responsiveness than previous families.

In the same way, Intel’s highest performing CPUs for laptops and desktops are in this family. Here the range is wider in the Intel Core family, since we can find from the modest i3 to the high-end i9.

Who are the users that use this family the most? Business people, creative professionals, gamers of all levels, and othersthey can find an Intel Core processor that meets their expectations and even allows them to do more.

intel xeon

Intel Xeon Logo

These processors have been designed for data centers and workstations to handle the heavy processing demands of the cloud, big data, modeling, AI and more. If you don’t know what a data center is, you can review the following article.

The idea is deliver optimized performance, scale, and efficiency across a wide variety of workloads for data centers or data centersedge and workstation. Intel Xeons enable increased business productivity with the right architecture.

Intel Xeon Scalable Processors

Logo Intel Xeon Scalable processors

The Intel Xeon Scalable processor family offers unmatched scale and performance for computing, storage, networking, and security.

Also, Intel Xeon Scalable processors offer a balanced architecture that provides built-in AI acceleration and advanced security capabilities. This allows you to put workloads where they perform best, from the edge to the cloud.

The Intel Xeon Scalable processor benefits from decades of innovation for the most common workload requirements. Backed by close partnerships with the world’s leading software and solution providers, Intel Xeon Scalable processors are optimized for many types of workloads and perform at brilliant, high-compute levels.

After giving a brief overview of the families of Intel processors, in the next articles we will go deeper into each one of them. So do not take off even a minute of

Are you a user of any Intel CPU? Tell us what you like about their processors.

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