Manchester City will develop a smart scarf for their matches

Manchester City will develop a smart scarf for their matches

Europe is known for its football and for its fans, who like to wear scarves to matches, something that is not seen much in this part of the world, and for this the English club Manchester City wants to take it to the next level.

According to what we can see from Reuters, the English club, together with Cisco, have developed a slightly smaller scarf to monitor the vital signs of the players. attendees to their matches in order to better monitor what happens to them, for example, in a penalty shootout.

The Connected Scarf has an EmotiBit sensor that goes on the fanatic’s neck, and through a series of sensors such as an accelerometer, a temperature sensor or a PPG sensor, it wants to monitor its vital signs through changes in the pulse of people.

The scarf is not yet available for mass purchase, as only a limited number of people have been able to access it, as have a small number of fans of New York City – its sister club – in the United States.

In this way, football and health go hand in hand again in order to better understand what happens to the fans in the stadium.

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