Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will get a periscope lens next year

Only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will get a periscope lens next year

Every year we see how Apple manages to improve the iPhone camera a little more, and now details have come to light about the type of camera that a specific model will use next year, without those of this one have yet been presented. year.

According to Ming Chi Kuo, only the iPhone 15 Pro Max will stick with this periscope-like camera next year, ruling out flat out that any other version of iPhone is made of one, not even the iPhone 15 Pro that will eventually go on sale.

The problem with the periscope lens is that they are bigger than a normal camera, so the size of non-Pro Max iPhones is an issue, Well, not even on Android are there phones the size of the iPhone Pro with a periscope lens.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro max use a 77mm telephoto lens (3x magnification over the 26mm main lens)

Now, it would be only in 2016 that both iPhone Pro models would be made of this periscope-type lens, but that is far ahead of the plans of a company like Apple. This year is the renewal of the iPhone, where the Pro models are expected to arrive with a 48-megapixel camera, while the standard ones will remain at 12 megapixels.

Where there will be changes this year will be in the front camera, so with only a couple of months to discover the new iPhone 14 series, the details are gradually coming to light.

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