Ookla awards Movistar for having the fastest mobile network and certifies that Chile has the fastest download speed worldwide

Ookla awards Movistar for having the fastest mobile network and certifies that Chile has the fastest download speed worldwide

Today we attended an event of Movistar Chile which had representatives of the American company Ookla to tell us about some news related to its services, both mobile and fixed.

We will start first with the news related to 5G, since Movistar announced that it has reached 500,000 customers who already have access to its fifth generation network, while the deployment of said network already exceeds 70% of the committed project, with 16 regions of Chile operating with 5G.

“We are very proud to have been the first company to reach a national 5G presence, in March of this year, while today we advance to the next level, with 5G available from Arica to Porvenir. This translates not only into greater speed coverage, through fiber optics and 5G, but also into a better experience for people and companies, while we continue to reduce the digital divide”, commented Cristian Schalscha, director of Mercado People and Home of Movistar Chile.

It is worth highlighting the presence in regions of Movistar Chile’s 5G, distributed in each of the 16 regional capitals. In this line, the regions that stand out with the greatest progress are Arica, Maule, Tarapacá, O’Higgins, Los Ríos, Aysén and Magallanes. While, among remote communes that already have 5G Movistar in regions, Pozo Almonte, Salamanca, Punitaqui, Hualqui, Pitrufquén and also Porvenir can be highlighted.

Ookla confirms that Chile has the fastest download speed globally

Also present at the presentation was Lourenço Lanfranchi, Director of Ookla for Latin America, who took the opportunity to announce that Chile was positioned as the country with the fastest average download speed globally, with a speed of 214 Mbps, thus surpassing countries such as Singapore with 204 Mbps and China with 188 Mbps.

Chile’s fixed internet also stands out for offering us high quality and also for being one of the most competitive, with up to 8 operators (ISP’s) offering us fiber optic internet access with speeds that exceed 100 Mbps.

Continuing with our country, we can also see that the vast majority of the country’s regions already have high speeds, both up and down.

And once again it is shown that the Movistar operator is one of the operators that offers the highest download speed in the fixed broadband service with an average of 242 Mbps.

Time was also given to deliver the Speedtest Awards for Fastest Mobile Network Q1-2Q2 2022 to the operator Movistar Chile for offering the fastest mobile network in the country, with a Speed ​​Score of 47.05 Mbps.

The award considers the measurements of all mobile customers made in all technologies, that is, 3G, 4G and 5G, during the first half of 2022, delivering a weighting called Speed ​​Score (80% download speed and 20% upload ) which, in the case of Movistar Chile, is 47.05, thus leading the speed of the market.

«Chile has set the standard for other countries to follow in fixed broadband, and Movistar’s leadership as Chile’s fastest mobile network shows that 5G will also allow Chile to set the standard for mobile networks in Latin America,» said Lourenço. Lanfranchi.

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