Podcast: These are the best apps that notify you of speed cameras

Podcast: These are the best apps that notify you of speed cameras

They have already been banned. I am referring to the jammers and radar detectors that some of them had in their car. And there is a new Traffic Law this year 2022. A law, which, from the outset, requires a little more from those who ride a bike or electric scooter… But, in addition, this law messes with the issue of radars . In fact, specifically prohibits jammers and radar detectors. Now you can even be fined for carrying one of these gadgets even if it’s not turned on and you’re not using it.

At this point, I wonder: Is there a legal system that helps us to be better informed about traffic and the position of speed cameras while driving?

The answer is yes. This is what radar warnings are for. And be very careful. Jammers and detectors are prohibited. However, we can use the warning devices that we carry on our mobile phones. What a mess!!!!

At this point I wonder What is that of a radar warning in the form of an app? And there is more. What is the best to carry on the mobile while driving? Sooo good. So here we are going to talk about all this.

But in this podcast we will have more topics. We will talk about one revolutionary technology that allows to get food from the air. In addition, we will see the good and the bad of the mid-range mobile Samsung Galaxy A53 5G. In the social networks section, we will talk about a new YouTube function that allows us to know which part is the most viewed and, therefore, the most interesting part of a video. In addition, we will talk about how to prepare Tinder, that is, the flirting application, to accompany us on vacation.

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And next week…

For our part, we have come this far. Next week we will come with more stories.

And that’s all for today. This podcast has been possible thanks to José Antonio Hernández on the subject of technical control. And then there’s the whole team. David Readman, Víctor Manzhirova, David G Mateo and Juan Ignacio Ocaña.

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We wait for you here. On Chema Lapuente’s Podcast. A program where TECHNOLOGY IS EASY.

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Resources and links

By the way, if you are looking for the links to the little things we talked about in this episode, here we leave it all:

Waze download page

Radarbot download page

This is the Samsung website for the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

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