Samsung would have definitively canceled the Galaxy S22 FE

Samsung would have definitively canceled the Galaxy S22 FE

Surely this year we have seen or read about the supposed cancellation of the Samsung S22 FE series for this year, and after months in which we did not know more about this supposed decision, now we have more news.

As we can read in TheElec of Korea, the problems with the shortage of chips would have been the trigger for this decision, And it is that without many chips to fall back on, from Samsung they decided to give priority to the S22 Ultra.

This means that the S22 FE has been left behind, since, in the minds of the Koreans at Samsung, this terminal and the S22 Ultra were going to have the same chip on board, and they expected to make more than 3 million units of the device, something Which obviously won’t happen anymore.

Now, not everything is bad for the FE series, and in 2023 the family of devices will make a comeback according to the report, with the Koreans hoping to sell 3 million FE, 13 million Ultra, 8.5 million S23 and 6.5 million S23Plus.

In this way, there will be no Galaxy S22 FE this year, but next year there will be, along with the entire Samsung family forever.

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