Samsung’s 10x zoom camera could return in the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung’s 10x zoom camera could return in the Galaxy S23 Ultra

Last year saw Samsung debut its 10x zoom periscope camera on the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and this year with the S22 Ultra series we also saw the return of this feature, enhanced via software as well.

And according to what we can now read in GalaxyClub, the results have been so good that from the Korean company they are already considering having it again in the next iteration of Galaxy S23 Ultra phones next year.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra photo 12

This would also bring improvements in terms of image processing, natural over time and the implementation of new technologies, as well as the possibility of implementing a new wider lens for better photos.

The report does not give us certainty about a second lens with zoom capabilities as we have seen since last year in the Korean company’s Ultra phones, but it would not be unusual for it to return, because after all, the only brands that offer this type of camera arrangement on their current phones are Samsung and Huawei.

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