Starlink RVs is now available in Chile

Starlink RVs is now available in Chile

Starlink RVs is the new bet from Elon Musk’s firm that allows high-speed satellite internet with low latency anywhere in the countryusing the equipment to move to different places to work.

Beware, Starlink RVs are NOT designed to be used in moving vehicles.

A similar solution had already been presented a few months ago, in which you could pay an additional amount of $23,700 CLP for the service and you could move the antenna to have coverage in other places.

In particular, as experienced by the team, the transport of the antenna is complicated, it is a large device that does not fit in any trunk, in addition, the terminals that connect to the Starlink router/modem must be treated very carefully, they tend to be damaged when first strike.

However, according to what the photographs show, the device would be different from the residential one, with an antenna with a rectangular section and a different router.

Starlink for RVs satellite internet costs $25 extra for worse services - The Verge

RVs and their coverage in Chile

RVs is ideal for those looking to experience telecommuting from anywhere in the countrywithin the coverage currently allowed by the subsidiary of Space X.

According to the coverage maps, in the areas where they are marked as «available», they ensure high speeds and low latencies during all hours of the day, regardless of the volume of connected users.

On the other hand, the areas that are marked as “On Hold”, can navigate at high speeds outside of high traffic hours. And in hours of high demand, with quite low speeds.

The coverage available in Chile goes from Chañaral to Puerto Montt with full availability. And in the areas of Chiloé and from Chaitén to Coyhaique, you can navigate, but with slower speeds during high traffic hours.


The cost of the monthly service of Starlink RVs is 116,300 CLP (135 USD) and the purchase of the antenna an approximate value of 576,400 CLP ($599). Note that the original values ​​are in dollars, therefore, monthly variations could occur due to the volatility that the dollar has been experiencing in Chile.

The 116,300 CLP correspond to a full month of use, however, RVs allows you to pause and reactivate the service, paying only what you use:

Starlink for RVs offers the ability to pause and resume service at any time. It is billed in monthly increments, allowing users to customize their service to meet their travel needs.

You can see more information on the official Starlink website.

What do you think of the new Starlink service?

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