The best fantasy series you can find on Amazon Prime

The best fantasy series you can find on Amazon Prime
The best fantasy series you can find on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Video has September 2 marked in red on its calendar. The long-awaited premiere of The Rings of Power, the series that will once again bring the Lord of the Rings universe to the fore, will be this platform’s biggest launch of the year. However, lovers of the fantasy genre have plenty of options with which to open their mouths. Discover The best fantasy series you can find on Amazon Prime to ease the wait during this summer.

Do not be confused by the fact that it is a cartoon series. Invincible, the Robert Kirkman series which adapts the comic of the same name, is aimed at an adult audience and is a plot roller coaster that traps the viewer during the 45 minutes of each episode.

Those who expect another story of tormented superheroes will see their expectations significantly exceeded, and that point of the nineties animation series will please the most nostalgic. The best thing is to see it practically blindly, without knowing too much about the story of Mark Grayson, the protagonist of one of the hidden gems in the Amazon Prime Video catalog.

This special adventure is ideal for those who want to have a series with which to spend the whole summer. It has six seasons and 62 episodes, enough to withstand the heat waves safely while enjoying the universe of The expand. SyFy canceled it after its third season, but Amazon Prime Video had one of its most inspiring moments when it resurrected it and extended it for three more years.

The colonization of the solar system by the human race and a missing young woman whose case falls to detective Josephus Miller are the starting point of a series that mixes intrigue with a fine sense of humor. Many fans of this series are confident that the sixth was not the last seasonbut its continuity is not yet confirmed.

Last January it premiered on the platform The legend of Vox Machinaa release that did not have much media impact (it arose from a webseries that was able to make the leap to a series thanks to a crowdfunding campaign), but that has been conquering the hearts of viewers little by little.

With a pretty loyal fan basel Thanks to its ‘internet’ stage, this series drinks from references of role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons and it has all the typical elements of the genre: dragons, magic, swords, etc. However, we must bear in mind that this is a series for adults, in which violence and explicit sex are part of its day-to-day life, so it is not advisable for you to recommend it to your nephews.

The nominations Undone received for the Gotham Awards (independent movies and series) and the Annie Awards (animation works) already put us on the trail of this animated series by Raphael Bob-Waksberg. Alma suffers a car accident that places her between life and death, but when she recovers she discovers that she does not perceive time the same as she used to.

Its narration and the evolution of the story have made it another of the pearls that Amazon Prime Video users should not miss under any circumstances, and its 25 minutes per episode make it a work of easy consumption.

Not everything in the Amazon Prime Video catalog is new. Searching a bit in the trunk of his series we find Stargate: Atlantis, whose air date dates back to 2004. Many of those who grew up in that decade will remember this spin-off of Stargate SG-1 (yes, the one with the actor who played MacGyver). The story starts from the end of the seventh season of the original series, which continued its own path.

Stargate: Atlantis begins with Dr. Jackson discovering that the Ancients took Atlantis to the Pegasus galaxy, and five more seasons thread from there, 100 chapters with which you will have plenty of material if you are looking for a long series at the same time you don’t need to wait for new chapters to come out.

Another series that already has a certain age is the French the revenantswhich has two seasons and 16 episodes. The appearances of people who died long ago in the bucolic city of Annecy form the common thread of a series that can be considered cult (in France it is one of the best of all time).

His script and cast performances, among which are Frédéric Pierrot, Guillaume Gouix or Alix Poisson, took this series to great heights of popularity in the neighboring country, and it is worth taking a look to discover it, despite the fact that a decade has already passed since its premiere . There are only two seasons of eight episodes, each lasting 52 minutes.

We close this list with a play by Neil Gaiman based on the novel he co-wrote with Terry Pratchett. Good omens is a British miniseries of six one-hour episodes, and has Michael Sheen and David Tennant as protagonists, although in its cast there are also familiar faces such as Jon Hamm (Mad men) or Adria Arjona (True detective).

The lovers of the worlds created by Pratchett will enjoy this comedy-tinged series in which Crowley is sentenced to die by holy water, while Azifarel awaits death at the stake. The agreement they reach to exchange their bodies and save themselves from grief is the starting point of a highly recommended series.

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