The best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1

The best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1
The best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1 1

If you want to enjoy all the excitement of the Formula 1 Championship, it is now much easier through Telegram. In the application you can find spaces specialized in this sport where you can enjoy live broadcasts. Next, we leave you a selection with the best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1 totally free.

The Formula 1 Championship is one of the biggest sporting events of the year, especially for fans of the motor world. In this championship there are truly exciting races where drivers fight to score points in each grand prix, to be at the top of the leaderboard. There is no race that is not a spectacle with almost impossible overtaking and with the occasional accident caused by the high tension in the fight for the title, some accidents that fortunately have not become serious.

For those who do not want to miss everything that comes in the coming months in Formula 1 there are mobile applications that make it easy to follow the broadcasts. One of these apps is Telegram. In Telegram they have a lot of tools that facilitate communication. In addition to chats or video calls, there are also channels where content is broadcast to large audiences. One of the advantages of these channels is that they specialize in any subject or information and some of them broadcast live sporting events. Of the latter, today we show you the best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1.

  • F1 Live Links. In this Telegram channel you can find different links to enjoy Formula 1 races and if you are interested you can also find Formula 2 and Formula 3 broadcast sites.
  • Live F1. In this channel, in addition to being able to find links to watch the races, you can keep up to date with the latest news about the world of F1 because they share all the news from specialized motorsport media about the Championship.
  • Formula 1 world. Among the best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1, you cannot miss this one where at the exact time that the race of any Formula 1 Grand Prix begins, they offer a live broadcast so you don’t miss a thing.
  • free formula 1. Enjoying Formula 1 for free is the objective of this channel, which you can also find on other apps like Instagram. In it they inform you of the schedules of the great prizes and you can also find opinion polls about the favorites to lead the leaderboard.
The best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1 2
  • Sport Livestream. In addition to the links to see the Formula 1 races on this channel you will also find broadcasts of other sporting events related to the world of motorcycles such as MotoGP and or football with the broadcast of the major European leagues.
  • All sport. This is not exactly a Telegram channel, but rather a group, but it also provides information to follow the Formula 1 races, and as it is a group space you can chat with other users.
  • Sports24.Live. Formula 1, MotoGP, NBA, UFC or WWE are some of the sports that this group broadcasts live. The channel is updated every day when there is a sports competition.

If, in addition to having the best Telegram channels to watch Formula 1, you want to know other spaces within this messaging application to comment on races, find exclusive news or any news of this sports competition, you can join the Formula 1 Spain group or you can also follow the news channel Formula 1 News in which they follow the current events of the competition on a daily basis.

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