The best websites to buy erotic toys in Spain

The best websites to buy erotic toys in Spain
buy erotic toys in spain

Sometimes, sometimes a bit of additional mischief is needed to fan the flame of passion and this can be granted by some extra element. Thanks to this, today we will tell you what they are the best websites to buy erotic toys in Spain. Whatever use you want to give these products, here you will find good places to find good prices.

Sex toys are used by people to get more pleasure during sex or masturbation. There are different types of adult toys and people use them for different reasons. Using them is normal, but it is also very normal not to use them. It all depends on you, since all people are different. Either way, using them is not harmful at all.

6 websites to buy erotic toys in Spain

We bring you a compilation with The 6 best places to buy erotic toys in Spain online. Were you looking for a way to increase your personal satisfaction or with your partner? Well, do it by buying the products from the following websites:


amazon sex shop

Amazon is an online store where all kinds of products are sold and adult toys are no exception. We are talking about a reliable website to buy erotic toys in Spain. Just go to the Sex Toys section found within the Health and Personal Care category. Here you will find vibrators, dildos, bondage, anal toys, male masturbators, dolls and much more.

Go to the erotic toys section of Amazon Spain



Platanomelón is a Spanish sexshop with all the tools to make you enjoy sex like never before. Unlike other sites, this one promises put only quality toys at your fingertips, ensuring that they would never recommend a product that they will never use.

Each of the erotic toys in this online store has been chosen for its design, functionality and quality. Why? Because there are other online sex shops that simply show thousands of references, including products with toxic materials that could be dangerous to your health.

Platanomelón is not an ordinary store, since it is a brand of sex toys, which designs and manufactures its own products. So if you want to buy erotic toys in Spain, you can be sure that these are manufactured with the highest quality materials, with great design and functionality. In addition, it has a great selection of third-party products that are really innovative.

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Be Lover

be lover

Be Lover is more than a simple store to buy erotic toys in Spain. Here you will find books, toys, lingerie, cosmetics and an exquisite selection of products for adults from the best national and international suppliers. Discover a universe of possibilities in which fun, color and sensuality will always be present.

This store adapts to all your needs by offering different products according to your tastes and preferences. As if that were not enough, they provide a personalized advice so you can find just what you were looking for. One of the best places to buy erotic toys in Spain from the comfort of your home, but which also has several physical stores in the Spanish territory.

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Sweet & Spicy

sweet and spicy

Sweet & Spicy is a company for buy erotic toys in Spain that has many years of experience in the sector. They send any product to all corners of the country using a system approved by external agencies and expert logistics companies to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.

Find out about the latest trends in high-quality lingerie, cosmetics, intimate care products, toys and many more products related to the erotic sector. Currently, put at your disposal a little more than 20,000 different products.

As if that were not enough, they offer Tuppersex services for information, knowledge and direct sale of their articles. This means that you can coordinate a Tuppersex meeting with your team of advisers anywhere in Spanish territory. These They will come to your meeting place and present you with the latest news in the sector in a fun way, without taboos, with discretion and surrounded by the people you want.

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Diversual is an online store that aims to change your way of living and enjoying sexuality. They bring a new concept of erotic shop that goes beyond the traditional with a totally different vision of sexuality and focused on your sexual health. Because times are changing, the way sexuality is understood and enjoyed must change accordingly.

Beyond an online sexshop, Diversual seeks to be that place where you can have security, share and have fun. His mission is to make you a little happier and to reach enjoy your sexuality in a complete and noticeably more pleasant way.

It is also necessary to point out that Diversual manufactures its own erotic toys with the highest quality. In addition, in the files of all of them you can read the real experiences of those people who already enjoy the product. Without a doubt, this will allow you have truthful information before making any decision.

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Erotic Feel

erotic feel

Do you want to enjoy your sexuality in your own way? Then check out Erotic Feel because you’ll find everything you need (and everything you didn’t know you needed yet). It is a site where you can buy erotic toys in Spain with a wide range of premium adult products at the best price, meeting the highest quality standards, to guarantee your safety and health.

As if that were not enough, Erotic Feel sends your sex toys at home throughout the Spanish territory. In addition, he always does so with the utmost discretion because his shipments go in brown Kraft boxes that do not include any store badges. Thanks to this, no one but you will be able to know the immense happiness, erotic moments and pleasure that they contain.

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