The biggest leftovers that have been heard on Twitch this year

The biggest leftovers that have been heard on Twitch this year
The biggest leftovers that have been heard on Twitch this year

As the number of streamers who generate their content through Twitch increases, it is inevitable that more controversy and salseo will arise from there. So far this year we have seen a multitude of creators unleash authentic diatribes of all kinds, and this article compiles some of them the biggest leftovers that have been heard on Twitch this year.

The notice of elxokas to the Government

The recent reform of self-employed quotas It has generated controversy since Minister José Luis Escrivá launched the proposal back in January. That proposal was analyzed by elxokas on his Twitch channel and the harshness of the messages against the minister and the Government increased as he spoke before the camera. The disagreement against the new installments of said quotas led the Galician streamer to threaten to leave for Andorra, following the path of many other creators, which made him be (again) in the trending topics of Twitter for days.

AuronPlay and number one

The controversy of the year on Twitch, however, came when elxokas’ multiple Twitter accounts came to light, with which he attacked users who criticized him at the same time as he criticized other big streamers on the platform. Auronplay’s response to elxokas, making it clear that he was just a temporary number one, was one of those who made history and gave content to numerous salseo channels. The phrase «number one is me and Ibai» will remain in the annals of Twitch as one of the most forceful and well-argued leftovers that have been seen.

Ibai: “Twitch is pitiful”

There is starting to be a certain buzz among the main streamers about a possible mass abandonment of Twitch. Ibai Llanos has already warned that this option is on the table, and it is not the first message he has launched on the platform where he has risen to stardom. Faced with the complaints of many streamers about the constant drops in service when Ibai is doing one of his massive events, he did not hesitate to answer, directing his message to TheGrefg.

Let’s see, Grefg, I know you’re not much of a critic of Twitch, that you’re more of always giving Twitch a little reason, but Grefg: if the platform crashes because I’m holding an event, it’s because Twitch is unfortunate. It’s not my fault, I just missed it. It is unfortunate that a platform managed by Amazon falls because there are many viewers”, said the Basque forcefully.

Lolito’s complaints after the evening

Lolito Fernández was one of the great protagonists of La Velada del Año II, and not precisely because of his fight against Luzu, which only lasted one round due to the latter’s injury. Days after the event was held, the Malaga streamer let off steam with his audience. «Do you know how much money I’ve lost in these four months?» He began to say. The move to Barcelona, ​​the workouts in the gym, the lost hours of streaming and the lack of sponsors made Lolito’s accounts suffer and the message had a lot of impact on networks for days.

Lolito’s followers sent the message to Ibai Llanos, who finished dispelling the controversy by revealing that he sent a message to Lolito warning that they would have to find their sponsors and he answered affirmatively. Controversy settled, but the impact that Lolito’s loss of 20,000 euros has had still reverberates.

Alexelcapo and his mainstream tastes

Alexelcapo’s responses to his followers are also considered plenty every so often. His direct and unfiltered speech has ended up earning him an edge fame that he is aware of, although he assures that it does not correspond to reality, as other streamers attest. However, when a user suggested in his chat that he was missing out on good things because of his condescending “how unmainstream am I” style. Álex immediately replied “when have I said that I’m not mainstream?”, before citing very popular series that he followed and dedicating the author a “you’re so stupid”.

Greekgodx and his macho message

Last June, greekgodxa streamer who often grabs headlines for unedifying reasons, was banned for the second time from Twitch. The reason, in this case, was a deeply sexist speech in which he explained how he saw relationships and what a potential future girlfriend of his would have to do.

«If you want to go out with me, even if you stream, your career is over,» he began in a tone that did not hint at an iota of irony. “I will broadcast while you cook and clean for me. You take care of the children while I earn all the money, I give it to you and the children for a healthy and safe life. This is how I want to manage my life.” The impact of this message quickly reached other platforms such as Reddit, where many users began to criticize the crazy things said by Greekgodx. Twitch was quick to kick him out, but it was only a three-day expulsionwhich has also generated quite a lot of criticism.

xQc puts Andrew Tate in his place

Canadian xQc is currently the reference streamer on Twitch worldwide, and it is because it has never hidden its positions from the behavior of other platform partners. The controversial Andrew Tate, a kickboxer who has been repeatedly accused of sexist and misogynist, said in a direct that he would not allow his partner to go to a nightclub without him. xQc’s response when asked about these statements turned into an unprecedented bang:

I could rationalize the argument if most girls I’ve dated had the IQ of someone who can’t move, think or do anything and is stuck on the curb, but it doesn’t make sense in the real world.

xQc, in a debate with Andrew Tate


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