The coolest things being done with artificial intelligence

The coolest things being done with artificial intelligence
artificial intelligence

AI is becoming more advanced, more present in our society and surprising the world with new and interesting innovations. For this reason, today we will tell you the coolest things being done with artificial intelligence right now. So if this one catches your attention, take a look at all these projects and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Artificial Intelligence is called a combination of algorithms that are proposed with the purpose of creating machines or applications that have the same capabilities as humans. We are talking about a technology that is still distant and mysterious, but that has been introduced into our society for several years.

6 cool things being done with artificial intelligence

Today we bring you a list of 6 cool things that are being done with artificial intelligence and you probably didn’t know. Lover of this technology? Then you are going to freak out in a big way with this compilation that we made for you. Read

Robots with Artificial Intelligence

sophia robot

A company called Hanson Robotics is building humanoid robots with artificial intelligence. Sophia (pictured above) is an incredibly advanced social learning robot. Thanks to AI, it can communicate efficiently with natural language and use facial expressions to convey human-like emotions.

this robot has become something of a celebrity in the media, so much so that he has appeared on several talk shows including the popular Jimmy Fallow Show. Although it is hard to believe, he has even accepted the citizenship of Saudi Arabia.

Olly (Emotech)


Emotech is the creator of Olly: a voice-controlled AI assistant similar to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. However, this one differs from the ones we just mentioned because has an evolving personality. Why? Because Olly’s personality comes from a combination of machine learning algorithms that make the robot look like its owner every time.

The artificial intelligence technology used by Emotech is capable of understand facial expressions, voice inflections, and verbal patterns someone to proactively start conversations and make suggestions. In addition, the little robotic assistant is also capable of moving around, orienting itself towards you when you determine what you are going to do.

Olly’s skills go far beyond what today’s virtual assistants are capable of. For example, when Olly sees you resting he might ask you if you had a long day and then suggest your favorite music to help you relax.

Covera Health

Covera Health is a noble and innovative company that uses collaborative data exchange and applied clinical analysis to reduce the number of misdiagnosed patients in all parts of the world. The company’s proprietary technology uses a framework that combines advanced data science and artificial intelligence to classify existing diagnoses and provide professionals with more accurate symptom data.

This allows them to make a decision that will have a major impact on a patient’s life, reducing the cascading effects of misguided attention and saving the healthcare industry billions of dollars. Without a doubt, it is a company that takes advantage of the benefits of artificial intelligence for the common good.



Atomwise uses artificial intelligence and deep learning to facilitate drug discovery. Using a technology based on neural networks, its algorithms have the ability to extract information from millions of experimental affinity measurements and thousands of protein structures to predict the binding of small molecules to proteins.

The company’s artificial intelligence has improved hit rates 10,000-fold and analyzes 10 to 20 million compounds every day while identifying characteristics of patients for clinical trials. In addition, the technology rapidly speeds up the work of chemists thanks to its ability to analyze billions of compounds and identify areas for drug discovery.

It is also worth noting that Atomwise is currently being used to address some of the most affecting medical problems in the worldsuch as Ebola and multiple sclerosis. You have realized? It is a technology that benefits everyone globally.


cruise origin

Cruise is one of the leading companies when it comes to autonomous vehicles. The cars of this company are some of the first in the world to hit the road, using AI to lead the way and collecting a petabyte of data every day. Artificial intelligence uses this massive set of data to constantly learn about the best safety measures, driving techniques, most efficient routes, and more.

Currently Cruise uses artificial intelligence to power its self-driving cars, as well as its Cruise Origen (autonomous electric shared vehicle). This vehicle, which looks like something out of a science fiction movie, has been able to travel more than a million miles in a city like San Francisco (United States) without suffering a single blow to the fender.



Did you know that Google has a self-driving car project called Waymo? Well, the company manufactures a variety of private vehicles, shared trips and even for large trucking companies.

Waymo vehicles have already driven millions of miles in more than 10 US cities, using AI on the road to collect and analyze data. Thanks to an advanced set of sensors, each Waymo vehicle is able to collect data and use artificial intelligence to decipher what will happen next. The artificial intelligence in Waymo vehicles can analyze situations and make confident predictions for have optimal movements without a human being interacting with the steering wheel.

Lover of this technology? Then you should also take a look at these Haier refrigerators with artificial intelligence. They are incredible!

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