The Government presented an action plan to be able to face telephone scams in the face of the sustained increase in associated crimes

The Government presented an action plan to be able to face telephone scams in the face of the sustained increase in associated crimes

During this Tuesday, the Undersecretaries of Telecommunications and Crime Prevention, have announced the action plan that the government has to combat the growing problems of telephone scams.

Lately, scams that are carried out through methods such as SIM Swapping, phishing or telephone scams made through voice calls or the story of the uncle, which affect hundreds of users of telecommunications services, have been growing. with the usurpation of your personal data or losing control of your bank accounts.

For this reason, this government action plan includes the following three axes:

Action: This is a series of regulations that Subtel is working on, such as improvements in transaction protocols between companies and users, using biometric parameters, which will be announced as they are implemented.

Inspection: constant monitoring of the protocols of telecommunications companies, preventing users’ personal information from being at risk. In addition, coordination with the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention and the police.

Prevention: Provide users with a series of recommendations so that they can identify the different types of scams through massive information channels.

The Metropolitan, Valparaíso, Maule, O’Higgins and La Araucanía regions concentrate the largest number of complaints

During the first semester of this year, the PDI received 1,650 complaints, more than half of the 2,992 complaints that were received throughout 2021. And if we compare the month of June 2021 with that of 2022, the increase reaches 58%. , going from 277 complaints to 440.

The Subtel Claims Management Department received 516 cases between the months of January and June of this year for the same reason, with unrecognized number portability being the situation that is most replicated, with an upward trend.

“At Subtel we are working on regulations to improve the security and protection of personal data, because digital security is one of our priorities. For this reason, our action plan contemplates the industry, the users and the police, because it is a job that we must carry out together”, said Claudio Araya, Undersecretary of Telecommunications.

For his part, the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, commented that “together with our police officers, we will begin joint work to adopt concrete actions that give users more and better security when using their devices and social networks. Likewise, we must advance in greater prevention and for this reason it is important that people take precautions when handing over their personal data and in the use of their personal passwords. It is everyone’s job to deal with this type of crime.»

The call is not to deliver personal, bank data or passwords requested by informal means

The National Head of Cybercrime of the PDI, Prefect Inspector Luis Silva, said: «We are supporting this initiative that seeks to prevent telephone users from being scammed by cybercriminals, who using various social engineering techniques have managed to deceive people to achieve their goals. illicit.

For this reason, as PDI we call on citizens not to provide personal data, bank details or passwords that are requested by informal means. Do not open links or download files from unknown senders. Likewise, always distrust messages with attractive offers or that are poorly written and that encourage immediate or urgent action.

Finally, it is recommended to change the passwords periodically and keep technological devices updated and protected, avoiding storing sensitive information, such as passwords, images of your identity card, coordinate cards, etc., on the cell phone, in addition to making the complaint. immediately if you are the victim of a crime.

Via Press Release – Subtel

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