The new generation of CarPlay is officially presented #WWDC22

The new generation of CarPlay is officially presented #WWDC22

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting announcements from Apple today at the WWDC conference is that of CarPlay, and that is that with the new generation we already have many more controls and better controls for the screens that we are looking at.

Thus, this year’s redesign is total, and even allows us to take control of our car’s tachometer or control the air conditioning. without even leaving the screen of this new generation of Apple CarPlay.

In fact, through our iPhone we will be able to take control of the speedometers or the dashboard of the vehicle, with an interface that is basically like having an iPad to control everything that has to do not only with entertainment, but with aspects most important of our car.

We will also be able to use CarPlay if we have more than one screen in our vehicle, volume controls, air conditioning, speed, revolutions per minute, battery or even fuel gauges. All included in this new interface that promises a revolution.

If we can even integrate it with HomeKit to be able to see the weather forecast or use Apple Maps to improve our navigation. All of this will, without a doubt, make our iPhone with vehicle combo the most integrated experience possible, and we only have to worry about driving.

The new CarPlay will arrive in 2023 and we will have to wait to see which vehicles are compatible, but surely at first, the list will not be very extensive.

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