This is the new watchOS 9 that Apple has just presented at #WWDC22

This is the new watchOS 9 that Apple has just presented at #WWDC22

Finally the renewal of Apple’s operating system for its flagship wearable is here, it is version 9 of watchOS and it has a lot of new features, redesigns and new health features that catch our eye.

First, for those who like to exercise regularly and go for a run, we have the novelty that we now have stages of maximum activity and customizable warm-up periods, as well as new features regarding our posture, since the application itself allows us to He will suggest changes and give us tips to run in a better way.

We also have news regarding sleep measurement, as the Apple Watch will now be able to recognize when we are in the different phases of sleep, Of course, that will mean that we have to be with the watch on our wrist all night.

Without a doubt, another of the most important novelties is that the watch will now be able to warn us not to do or if we do things depending on the medications we are taking, even being able to recognize which pill we are taking by using the camera of our iPhone.

We’re also getting new watchfaces, a new Siri interface, and app redesigns, all to make the experience more seamless and enjoyable.

The final version of watchOS will be presented this September when we also see the new Apple Watch, so for now we have to wait for the betas to have better impressions.

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