Video appears of an unboxing of the Google Pixel 6a

Video appears of an unboxing of the Google Pixel 6a

A large amount of data was leaked from the Google Pixel 6a and it was even presented by Google last May. However, the equipment is not yet available and we will have to wait until July 21 to be able to acquire it.

But, as the equipment has not yet been commercially launched, it is unknown what accessories it comes with, whether it comes with a charger or not, what its box looks like, etc. If you are one of those who is looking forward to this team, then you must watch this video.

It turns out that in the famous social network TikTok, a user has published a 59-second video where he performs an unboxing of the Pixel 6a. Where did you get it? Well, we don’t have that information for now, but it does reveal the contents of the box, plus the lucky guy has four boxes.

When opening its box, the first thing we see is the Pixel 6a with its screen down and a cover that shows that the fingerprint reader is under the screen this time, as well as indicating where its power button and volume keys are. .

In the rest of the box we can see its USB-C cable along with a USB to USB-C adapter, and where we should see its charger, we only see a Pixel 6a text and the name of its Google Tensor processor, so , this time we will not have a charger in the box, at least that is what is seen in the video.

But hey, for now we just have to wait until July 21, which is the date chosen by Google to start marketing this long-awaited Google Pixel 6a.

Via Gizmochina

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