Video appears showing the LG Rollable in action for the first time

Video appears showing the LG Rollable in action for the first time

The South Koreans from LG liked to innovate in the world of smartphones, with them we saw the first smartphone with a 3D screen without using glasses and that also recorded in 3D, they were the first to offer us a modular model, and also to make the leap to screens in 19:9 format that are taller.

But bad decisions within the company led it to bury its Mobile area, with LG’s smartphones disappearing from the market. However, before this happened, LG was again going to innovate with a new device.

It was already practically confirmed, only its official presentation was missing. I am referring to the LG Rollable, a smartphone that, as its name indicates, had a screen that rolled up and thus went from being a normal mobile to becoming a tablet, with the press of a button.

Unfortunately, LG announced that it was withdrawing from the mobile market and that is how the LG Rollable was finally canceled and never saw the light of day, despite being practically ready to go on sale.

There were only images of the LG Rollable, so we could never know more details about this smartphone. However, the people of Android Authority has published a video where you can see LG Rollable himself and thus finally be able to meet him in action.

Unfortunately, the video only lasts 24 seconds, so obviously we are left wanting more and hopefully more information will continue to appear on this rollable smartphone that was intended to hit the market at some point.

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