Video games will come to Tesla cars

Video games will come to Tesla cars
Video games will come to Tesla 1 cars

Enjoying graphic adventures through video games on different devices is no longer news. In addition to consoles, you can play on tablets, mobile phones, computers… and it seems that in cars. Video games will come to Tesla cars as one more function for the enjoyment of its owners.

Since January 2021, Tesla car owners have been able to enjoy some games built in Arcane mode. This mode served as a method for car owners to entertain themselves while the vehicle was being charged. Within this game catalog include classic games such as Solitaire or Chessbut also others like Cuphead, Beach Buggy Racing 2 or Missile Command.

Now it seems that the integration of Steam with Tesla is going to boost video games in this type of vehicle to another level. We can’t forget that Steam is a massive platform with over 50,000 games, with a catalog that ranges from independent titles to blockbusters like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

This information has been confirmed by Elon Musk in a response to a tweet from a Tesla fan group. That group talked about video games in their cars and Musk without going into many explanations, he has confirmed that they are working on the integration of this great video game platform: “We are making progress with the Steam integration. The demo will probably be out next month.»

Teslas have enough technology to run video games. Both the hardware and the ones that these vehicles carry are very similar in terms of power to some of the latest generation video game console models. In the Model S and Model X models they have an AMD Ryzen CPU and an AMD RDNA-2 GPU, where video games could load and run graphically without problem.

Video games will come to Tesla 2 cars

What is clear is that video games will reach Tesla cars, but it will not be possible to play while driving. This feature has been disabled by Tesla since December 2021. That’s when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into whether Tesla games were a distraction to drivers, before hearing the response from this Administration the vehicle company disabled this function.

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