We met the new Xiaomi store in Costanera Center and this is how the integrated system of devices works

We met the new Xiaomi store in Costanera Center and this is how the integrated system of devices works

On Friday, March 7, Xiaomi opened one of the brand’s most iconic stores in the country: at the Costanera Center mall. Although they already had a space inside the Movistar store in that capital city, now they have opted for more and inaugurated their own space, in which, they assure, they can exhibit all the company’s devices and make them operate in an integrated way.

In March, the company opened in our country, together with the Costanera Center, another branch in Puerto Montt. The one in the Providencia campus became the official store number 14 of the Chinese company since its arrival in our country. These were added to two others that had recently opened, specifically in the Portal el Llano and in the Mall Florida Center. All of these within the expansion framework that the company committed to grow in Chile during 2022.

For the inauguration of its own store in the Costanera Center, which is located on floor -1 in room 113, the company invested more than US$ 300,000, with which they built a new form of store, adapting to the ecosystem of the brand, with which they seek to provide an immersive shopping experience.

That is why Pisapapeles.net came to that place to learn about the new store and along with that to be able to try all the experience that the company seeks to deliver to its Xiaomi Mi Fans. In the place, we were accompanied by Kenji Tsukame, who is a Xiaomi Chile Master Trainer.

Stay with us because now we start with the tour!

A minimalist design

As soon as one enters the Xiaomi store in the Costanera Center, one finds two parallel inns where the company’s smartphones are found, as well as the Redmi ones. This is no coincidence, although the company has more than 2,000 products in the most varied categories (which we will also talk about), if there is something for which they are known, it is for their phones.

Not for nothing Xiaomi in Chile is the second company that sells more mobile equipment in the country. Precisely, the purchase of a smartphone from the company can be, among other things, one of the gateways to a broad and diverse ecosystem. Along with this, the company, explains one of its executives, seeks to deliver this experience on whatever device the customer purchases.

Xiaomi’s Master Trainer in Chile points out that «everything starts from the user’s need, many times when a person knows us more than anything first through smartphones, then you start with a smartphone and immediately buy, I don’t know, headphones. , you can buy the smartwatch and automatically you realize that if you link it later with the scale you can measure your body mass index, metabolic and that is also linked to the same smartwatch application, so you added the pass, then you could incorporate other health devices, such as razors.”

The store is carefully designed, has established and solid colors, which follow the line of construction and order in which it is organized. Devices such as its televisions are located on the walls, one of the latest products introduced by the brand in the national market.

But in addition to that, all the spaces are categorized according to the type of products. For example, in the place are all the devices for the home, such as vacuum cleaners, fryers, among others. On the other hand, we have mobile accessories, such as watches, accompanied by the most varied hearing aids that range from the cheapest and simplest to the most expensive and with more features.

More at the end of the store, we could find devices that at least we did not know. One of those is a very small tire inflator but the one that could even inject air into the tires of a vehicle. Along with that there are devices for personal care, such as razors, toothbrushes or weights.

An integrated ecosystem

One of the main features that this place has is that you can try the full Xiaomi experience. This, because the company’s ecosystem allows linking all the company’s devices, for this you will not need hubs or separate devices, but only an application: Xiaomi Home.

Currently, This application is available on the company’s mobile devices, as well as Android or iOS phones. But also, it is integrated in one way or another in televisions, for example, since they have Google Assistant that integrates devices connected to the network.

Once Xiaomi Home is installed, we can connect or link two types of devices with which the company works, either those with artificial intelligence or others under the slogan of «Internet of things». In the first category we have everything that can work autonomously or can be managed from our own mobile device.

Among the devices that have this capacity we find Xiaomi security cameras, which are controlled through the app, but also other equipment such as robot vacuum cleaners. In addition to sensors, light bulbs and a series of company accessories that can operate autonomously.

But what are the best selling equipment in the store? The Xiaomi Master Trainer ensures that “robot vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular. As it is robotic and with artificial intelligence, it scans the place and cleans it, and then from the phone it shows you where it cleaned”.

the internet of things

But there are also other types of devices, those that, although they can work as they normally would, have the bonus of being able to link with the application and integrate into the Xiaomi ecosystem.

In this section we find equipment such as scooters, which, although they obviously work without the company of a smartphone, on our mobile device we will be able to see their battery level, as well as the routes that we follow with this means of transport.

The Master Trainer himself explains that “it is not mandatory, it is not necessary for you to use our application to be able to control the devices, but you get extra functions by linking them”.

One of these examples, as Tsukame explains, is the toothbrush, which although you can use it autonomously and without linking it to any application, but if you do so you can «control the different power modes, see even the quality of the hygiene of your mouth, to evaluate the quality of the way in which you are doing the exercise of cleaning your mouth”.

Something similar happens with the air fryer, the one that you do “link to Xiaomi Home, you will also have access to more than 100 different recipes. You on the phone can also program the start, you can determine what time it starts. Then you could leave everything inside in the morning and then adjust the time so that just before you arrive, the dish is freshly prepared”, explains Tsukame.

All other devices

Already in the final part of the store, we find some devices also designed for the home. In fact, there is a section completely set for projectors, which could be installed in a room to watch television or inside an office.

One of the devices on display was the Mi 4K Laser 150 Projector, which has the particularity of being able to be installed very close to the wall, which would prevent someone from crossing it and causing problems with the image. This projector is available in 1080p, 2K and 4K model versions. All of them can be tested in the same store.

But also, along with that, there is a wall dedicated to connection devices, we are talking about routers or signal extenders. They can be connected with Xiaomi Home, expanding its use options.

As Tsukame explains, “from the application you can configure, for example, which signal you want to repeat, whether it is 2 GHz or 5 GHz. And you can also place additional measurements, for example, how many devices do I want to connect to the router, which devices do I want , you can create users or certain people cannot connect, you can control the amount of data that is going to be transmitted, it gives you additional functions”.

As you could see, we were able to get to know the complete experience of the new Xiaomi store, along with being able to test the devices. We leave you completely invited to visit the Costanera Center store, as well as all those of the company, where you can try its latest news, as well as try in your hands the new experience that Xiaomi is bringing to Chile.

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